[Infographic] Bounce Rate Demystified

Our friends over at KISSmetrics have provided us with this great infographic on demystifying the bounce rate. Bounce rates are the rate which visitors enter your website through the landing page, and leave without visiting anything else. Technically, it is the percentage of single-page visits and the measure of...... read the full article

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[Infographic] The Era of Data Driven Marketing

The folks over at Lynchpin have given us this great infographic about Data Driven Marketing. This refers to online marketing that uses data taken from various sources (analytics, a/b testing, user reviews) to run their marketing campaigns. The online business world is a very competitive market. The competition is so...... read the full article

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[Infographic] The Rise of Shopping API’s

The guys over at Monetate have shared with us this great infographic about the rise of Shopping API’s. API’s or Application Programming Interface, are a set of instructions or standards that allow software and applications to communicate with each other. API’s are used so that users can take the...... read the full article

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