Web Conversion – Measuring Just Got Easier

Web Conversion – Measuring Just Got Easier

We just made tracking web conversions easier for everyone. A little addition we made this week makes it now easier to track goals and track web conversion for any website. In the Visual Editor of our Conversion Optimizer we added the option to click on any item and add it to the goals page.

Web Conversion Made Simpler

Tracking web conversions can be cumbersome if you have to paste URL’s of web conversion pages, but it your web conversion might be just as simple as a click on a button or link to a third party website. Now Convert Insights Conversion Optimizer support Click&Track™ for links, images, buttons and any other items that you want to monitor.  With this easy web conversion tracker we hope to make A/B testing and conversion rate optimization just a bit easier.

Web Conversion Click&Track™ How does it work?

Click on any item in the Visual Browser and “Track clicks and add as a goal” is not a new link in the menu. Click that and you clicks are now tracking as one as the web conversion goals you can add to Convert Insights. We already had options to monitor: bounce rate, engagement, track URL’s, time on page, pageviews, and 30 more goals, but this web conversion trackings was a feature most requested.. time to listen and make it.

1x1.trans Web Conversion   Measuring Just Got Easier

  • 29 Oct, 2011
  • Posted by Dennis van der Heijden
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