How To Build A Successful Optimization Program

How To Build A Successful Optimization Program

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If you are reading this, then you are an eCommerce marketer and you are looking for an effective way to build a successful optimization program. This is an area where many marketers are looking for information, or are looking to gain an edge in regards to optimization. For you to be successful, first you have to understand the basic areas of focus, and you also have to understand which tests are good for your website.

This article has been taken from a webinar hosted by A/B testing software” href=”” target=”_blank”>Convert and presented by Brendan Regan. Regan has much experience optimization, mostly with his work with his company; Brendan Regan Consulting. This webinar talks about how to build a successful optimization program, and the many ways that you can use an conversion optimization to improve your website’s conversion. You can watch the entire webinar here.

Building a Good Optimization Program

How to go about it?

For many companies, when they think of marketing and optimization, they are under the illusion that is very difficult, and that it requires a large budget. However, it is not as challenging as most people think it is. With the proper tools and information, achieving this is quite easy. The truth of the matter is that it has gotten much easier compared to previous years. “Therefore, its high time to build a good optimization program;” Brendan Regan says. The question is; what are the things that you have to look at?

  • Capable Testing Technology
  • Looking at competition, innovation and aggressive pricing
  • Sufficient Budget

These are the main areas to look at when building a good optimization program. Brendan Regan’s webinar has also touched on each of these elements in detail, and we can look at each one of them here. But first, let’s take a good look at optimization. There has been a lot of talk about optimization in terms of increasing profits, and how it affects your business. Today more and more people are becoming aware that:

  • Capable Testing technology. When we talk about technology, we are talking about the tools available for marketing and optimization. Today, the technology of testing is much advanced. These advancements have been facilitated through an increase in smartphone technology, emails, and other forms of electronic communication.
  • Competition, innovation and aggressive pricing. This is another area to look at. However, before looking here, it is advisable to start with testing. This is then followed at looking at other areas to ensure complete success.
  • Sufficient Budget. Getting optimizing budget is much easier today. This is because the budget you require is not as huge as it used to be thanks to recent technological advances.

Ready, Set, Test!

With all the above information, I think it would be the best time to pick up testing tool and bring that program to your website. The aim of testing is to understand and get valuable information that you will not receive anywhere else, while trying to understand the breakage between your business and the customers. According to Bob Garcia’s
Organizational Requirements to a Successful Optimization Program,

One consistency we have observed is that organizations that dedicate talented resources and give them time and latitude to take chances see the biggest gains from testing and targeting

Remember, if this information is to be summarized; through proper CRO (Conversion rate Optimization), you can increase your business profits by close to 20% in just the first 6 months. If you need more info, or if you want to watch the full presentation, you can
watch the entire webinar here.

Originally published February 17, 2015 - Updated October 26, 2017


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