#COVIDCRAP: All You Need to Know About Covid-19 Conversion Rate Aid Package

#COVIDCRAP: All You Need to Know About Covid-19 Conversion Rate Aid Package

Nneka Otika
Written by Nneka Otika
April 3, 2020

With the Covid-19 pandemic raging, entire industries have struggled to adapt to a fast changing landscape.

Unlike Ecommerce that is experiencing a boom, many industries are feeling the pinch. Hotels, airlines, restaurants and several other businesses are experiencing the crunch as consumers stay home to honor lockdown measures.

As a business owner in an industry going through a downturn because of the pandemic, how do you turn things around and improve conversions?

Enter #CovidCRAP. You may have seen this hashtag floating around on LinkedIn.

What is #CovidCRAP?

#CovidCRAP stands for Covid Conversion Rate Aid Package. It is a community initiative to help struggling businesses stay afloat during the current global pandemic.

This drive was launched by Raoul Warren Doraiswamy, founder of Conversionry.

Raoul is a CRO and experimentation expert specialising in accelerating conversion rates and revenue for global ecommerce and omni-channel retail companies.

#CovidCRAP has nearly 60 CRO experts worldwide offering their help, free of cost, to companies that need it.

What does #CovidCRAP Help Look Like?

Each CRO expert is offering a 1-on-1 video/phone call to go over the website, assess potential roadblocks and offer creative yet simple solutions to improve conversions.

Advice includes:

  • Website Design & Layout advice
  • Copy changes
  • Finding gold in analytics data
  • Powerful AB tests you can run (if applicable)
  • Marketing advice to improve conversions

This advice is meant to guide the optimization efforts for the business seeking the assistance. Each session is typically an hour long.

How do You Get #CovidCRAP Help?

If you truly need this service, you can reach a CRO expert from the #CovidCRAP initiative by taking a look at our list, and booking a time with an expert of your choice.

This list will be updated as more CRO experts join the #CovidCRAP initiative.

Are you a CRO expert and want to offer help? Just put your message out there as a LinkedIn post with the #COVIDCRAP.

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Originally published April 03, 2020 - Updated April 09, 2020
Nneka Otika
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