Fake Video Testimonials to Help Conversion Rate

Fake Video Testimonials to Help Conversion Rate

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Recently I found the site Fiverr in my search on the effects of video testimonials on conversion rates. Now I could not believe what gigs Fiverr-users offers for 5 USD. You can find ebooks, someone writing a special message in the sand or order a birthday song sang by two children. But on a more serious note I found people offering video testimonials for any product or service and I just could not stop wondering what you would get for 5 USD.

I ordered two video testimonials from Fiverr users and send them the script you can find below the videos). Just to be clear these are two two people that never used our software and made their own script based on my six bullet points (see those below video’s).

For Your Entertainment



Hi I would like a video testimonial on our product Convert Insights*

  • Introduce yourself
  • You have an online business selling … (come up with something)
  • You used Convert Insights* to personalize websites
  • It was easy to use with online one line of code on your site
  • It worked out great. The first month you used it you already increased sales with 8 percent.
  • End it with something personal

* Pronounce Convert Insights as in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIj5MNeQbV4

Website is: http://www.reedge.com


I wonder would it increase conversion, for which kind of products could this work, leave your comments below in the Disqus system.


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  • 7 Apr, 2011
  • Posted by Dennis van der Heijden
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