[Infographic] Expert Opinion Round-Up: What Does GDPR Mean for Marketers?

[Infographic] Expert Opinion Round-Up: What Does GDPR Mean for Marketers?

Always be up to Date subscribe to updates - May 28, 2018

No one has a crystal ball here.

And GDPR is complicated.

If you’ve been listening in on groups and reading the conversations between privacy and marketing experts, you know everyone is (politely) agreeing to disagree on provision interpretations!

We faced the same road-block.

So we went and asked some of the most seasoned marketers and optimization pros out there the simple question, “How do you think GDPR will change marketing?

Some projected from past experience. Some talked about their own impressions. And some wanted to wait and watch.

The result? An in-depth post we published a month back: https://blog.convert.com/10-experts-weigh-in-what-changes-will-gdpr-bring-for-marketers.html

This infographic is a visual representation of that expert roundup and created by Venngage Presentation Maker.

Please include attribution to www.convert.com with this graphic.

Expert Opinion Round-Up: What Does GDPR Mean for Marketers?

Originally published May 28, 2018 - Updated October 03, 2018


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Trina Moitra

Written by Trina Moitra

Trina M is the head of marketing at Convert. She loves setting the tone of the brand, cementing the market vision for the company and in her spare time can be seen taking personality quizzes to understand herself better.
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