[Infographic] Inbound Marketing Funnel

[Infographic] Inbound Marketing Funnel

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The people over at Smart Insights has given us this great infographic on the Inbound Marketing Funnel. Inbound Marketing is marketing that is done to draw customers into your website, rather then setting out to attract their attention. The inbound marketing funnel is a model that illustrates what the customers usually go through from the time they enter the website until the point of purchase. Like a funnel, each level gets smaller and smaller, bringing the customer closer to conversion and making a purchase.

Aside from learning about the inbound marketing funnel, readers can also gather interesting information and insights from this infographic including:

  • Funnel Buyer Exploration
  • Lead Conversion in Inbound Marketing
  • Capitalizing on Marketing Investments
  • Funnel Buyer Advocacy
  • E-commerce Processes
  • Repeat Purchases and Referrals

This infographic shows us the strength of two techniques (Inbound Marketing and Purchase Funnels) and how they can be even stronger when combined together. Each stage of the funnel is created to not only convert the customer, but also to make sure that the customer stays and shares his/her experiences through other means. The funnel also helps marketers separate and comprehend the various stages of marketing, making it easier for them to understand and apply.

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  • 1 May, 2015
  • Posted by Lemuel Galpo
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