[Infographic] The Interesting Effect of Speed on Conversion Rates

[Infographic] The Interesting Effect of Speed on Conversion Rates

Let’s face it nobody likes it when web pages take a long to load, but did you know that a delay in page load time of only a few seconds can dramatically affect your website’s performance? Case studies of a few of the most visited websites on the Internet show that website speed is directly related to sales rates, bounce rates and the level of customer satisfaction.

The majority of customers reported that they are less likely to return to a site that takes too long too load. More than half of smartphone users expect pages to load in less than 4 seconds and 47% of all customers expect a webpage to load in 2 seconds or less. This means that faster page load translates into increased sales revenues. For example, if a site makes $100,000 a day an improvement in page load time of just 1 second would bring an increase of $7,000 daily. Conversely, a 1 second delay would result in 7% reduction in conversion rates.

Google, Bing & Firefox

The case study of search engine Google indicated that Google would suffer a reduction in daily searches by 0.2% if google increased latency by 100 milliseconds. It also reported that there could be a daily reduction of 0.6% if the latency was increased by 400 milliseconds. A two-second delay on Bing would result in 4.3% loss in revenue and 3.75% reduction in clicks. Yahoo could increase their  traffic by 9% if the page load time was reduced by just 400 milliseconds.

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AutoAnything & Edmunds.com

The study reported that if AutoAnything could cut its page load time in half, their website would increase its sales rates by 13% and its conversion rates by 9%. The automobile site, Edmunds.com could increase their page views by 17% and ad revenues by 3% it they shaved off 7 seconds off of their page load time.

The Infographic: Twelve Case Studies

For more information on how page load optimization results in notable improvement of website performance, take a look at the infographic below containing case studies for twelve different websites.


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There is no denial that site page loading speed is indirectly related with conversion. And the above info-graphic support the statement.
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