This One Detail Converts 3.2X More Calls

This One Detail Converts 3.2X More Calls

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We are always open to learn about interesting new conversion strategies and sometimes they come from an unexpected angle. Today I’d like to share “the phone-call conversion”. Our colleagues at LogMyCalls have some call analytics software that analyses the sales calls and they found that one thing boost conversions on the phone more than anything.

Asking for the Business

We it seems almost to obvious but asking on the call if you can close the deal actually converts 3.2x more (in conversion analytics terms 320% lift). I’m sorry but that is just to easy to implement so read the full story on their call analytics blog and take away the below suggestions to start converting more on calls today. Read what McKay Allen of LogMyCalls suggests:

‘Asking for the business’ produces call conversion rates of 82%. What does asking for the business mean? Asking for the business is simply a direct invitation to become a customer. If you’re in an industry that sets appointments, ask for the caller to set up an appointment.

Here are some examples directly take from that article:

  • “We have an opening at 2 and at 3, do either one of those work for you to come in?”
  • “Dr. Larsen is available tomorrow at 3:00. Would that work for you?”

Or, if you’re in an industry that takes reservations:

  • “Should we go ahead and reserve that room for you? You can cancel later.”
  • “Would you like to make a reservation.”

Or, if you are in a bigger ticket industry, maybe the invitation is more nuanced:

  • “Should we go ahead and send you the contract?”

There are a lot of ways to ask the caller to become a customer. Asking for the business simply requires a direct invitation for the caller to become a customer. That’s it. There are A LOT of ways to do it, bt make sure you actually do it.

Wolf of WallStreet on Phone for Conversion


Originally published August 26, 2014 - Updated January 12, 2018
Dennis van der Heijden
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