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Cut back Automation Overkill With this Easy Formula

Releasing at a Theatre Near You: Operation Over-Automate. Starring over enthusiasm, a plethora of enticing automation possibilities and dreams of a future where everything happens on auto-pilot. Yup. If a company’s stance towards automating processes – especially marketing processes – was a movie, it would be an over the...... read the full article

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Convert commits to support ‘Do Not Track’

Do Not Track (or just DNT) is a privacy setting end-users can set in most browsers. From February 15, 2018, Convert Experiences will automatically support this setting across its entire install base. “We support Do Not Track because we think it’s really important that you have a simple way...... read the full article

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GDPR Glossary: A Breakdown for Busy People

A key principle of GDPR: Present your data policies to users free of “legalese.” SO WHY DID THEY GIVE US 200 PAGES OF BRAIN MELTING JARGON TO READ? Going through the new General Data Protection Regulation is super important. But it’s as fun as watching a golf tournament played...... read the full article

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