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Why Tests Fail and why that’s a Good Thing

Not too long ago, the Convert Academy hosted a webinar presented by Nazli Yuzak, a Senior Digital Consultant at Dell who was initially working in the optimization industry prior to joining the folks at Dell. She first worked at a global education company before venturing into the e-commerce setting,...... read the full article

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Using Call Tracking to Optimize PPC and SEO

Have you ever heard of the call tracking feature dynamic number insertion? If you haven’t, it’s not a big deal, because not many online marketing agencies have and use it combined with A/B testing to push their clients’ conversion rate up. But what is this dynamic number insertion feature of call...... read the full article

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Making Money with Call Tracking

Making Money with Call Tracking To make money as a marketer, you have to effectively utilize call tracking. Borrowing from a line in a recent webinar by LogMyCalls’ McKay Allen, you should “Utilize and Include it”. What this means is that, as a marketer, you have to utilize call...... read the full article

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New Mixpanel Integration

We added a one click integration with Mixpanel analytics software from Convert Experiments A/B testing software. Integrating Convert Experiments A/B testing software with Mixpanel will give report views filtered by a certain Experiment – Variation pair, allowing to see how specific variation performs for different of your metrics set up inside...... read the full article

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New Visual Editor (Beta)

Convert Experiments just got way more usable with a completely new designed infrastructure for the Visual Editor. You can now test your ecommerce site better with a better “Browse” functionality that allows you to access shopping cart pages in the same way you would access them in a tab...... read the full article

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