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The Blink in Testing Matters!

We built a predecessor for Convert Experiments and launched it in May 2011. This tool has a powerful infrastructure without any client tagging and only uses Java Script. There several ways for testing website visitors, as you might know: Server-side backend testing (i.e., code on the server randomizes the...... read the full article

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Committed to Conversion Results

Every e-commerce and marketing manager knows that the metrics for his jobs are closely connected to the sales department.  Revenue is not the right metric for traffic though. So how do you know that what you are doing is actually working?  Increased sales this week could just be due...... read the full article

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Measure Lean Startup Metrics

After I got hooked on the Lean Startup Methodology from Eric Ries I figured we need to go back to the basics with Convert Insights and figure out what makes our clients happy clients and how can we really learn faster and more objective and find the perfect product...... read the full article

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