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[CRO Test Idea] “Your Order is Corona Safe” eCommerce Banner

In these challenging times E-commerce is about the only industry that is flourishing. But people need assurance that the products they order online will not jeopardize their health, or render their quarantine ineffective. Here is a CRO test idea that has the potential of allaying fears and boosting e-store sales even further.

Written By: Darjan Hren
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Your Blog Section is a great resource for both brands and marketers

I love the content you publish at Convert. I appreciate the time you take to produce such insightful posts on various marketing-related topics.

The majority of posts include real examples from brands and marketing campaigns, which is a great value addition for your readers. I personally enjoy many of your expert roundup posts, case studies, and the latest marketing tactics you cover.

Your blog section is a great resource for both brands and marketers. Kudos to the team!

Shane Barker
Shane Barker Digital Marketing Consultant and strategist

The Convert Experiences blog has a great mix of current news, information, and useful guides

The topics covered are varied, including transparency & privacy, technical writeups, best practices, and industry roundups, all while staying relevant to marketers and optimizers of all skill levels.

Articles are backed up by practical, real-world examples and vetted by industry experts, so new pieces are always relevant with the most up-to-date information. It is one of my go-to sources for CRO focused content!

Matt Beischel
Matt Beischel Founder & CEO, CorvusCRO

Making Money with Call Tracking

Making Money with Call Tracking To make money as a marketer, you have to effectively utilize call tracking. Borrowing from a line in a recent webinar by LogMyCalls’ McKay Allen, you should “Utilize and Include it”. What this means is that, as a marketer, you have to utilize call...

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