Shopify Optimization: Serial (Conversion) Killers You Should Save Your Shopify Store From

Shopify Optimization: Serial (Conversion) Killers You Should Save Your Shopify Store From

Trina Moitra
Written by Trina Moitra
March 1, 2019

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Shopify Optimization is an art form.

Testers and optimizers around the world have invested years perfecting techniques that help Ecommerce brands cajole people to click “buy” and invest in their promise of a better tomorrow.

Steven Daar of Conversion for Good is a strong voice in the realm of Shopify optimization and helps brands increase their revenue by tens of thousands of dollars every month.

In this infographic we’ve distilled the top 8 Shopify store conversion killers (as identified by Steven in his ebook “8 Shopify Conversion Killers”) that are holding your numbers down. And don’t worry, they are easy to fix.

Without further ado, here are the low hanging fruits you can pick today to massively boost your Shopify earnings.


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Originally published March 01, 2019 - Updated March 05, 2019
Trina Moitra
Trina Moitra is the head of marketing at Convert. She loves setting the tone of the brand, cementing the market vision for the company and in her spare time can be seen taking personality quizzes to understand herself better.
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