Upgrade Your eCommerce Business to a Whole New Level

Upgrade Your eCommerce Business to a Whole New Level

Lemuel Galpo
Written by Lemuel Galpo
February 4, 2015
Growing Your Business into a Whole New Levell

Are you currently invested in an online eCommerce business? Are you looking for a great way to earn double of what you are earning today? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Every website owner can easily do this through understanding and applying changes to your conversion rate and your layouts.

In this webinar hosted by Convert, Bradley Long illustrates how Conversion Rate Academy can help you earn more with your eCommerce business. Long starts of by giving examples of great online businesses that he has worked on in the past, and has achieved the required success. These eCommerce websites have given him valuable experience, and he has decided to share this information with you. If you are an eCommerce marketer and you are looking to learn new ways of doubling or even tripling what you are currently earning, then this article is for you. Do you need to learn more? Watch the webinar here.

Growing Your Business into a Whole New Levell

The webinar hosted by Convert gives eCommerce marketers a few ideas on how to learn and apply the information received by the curves received by your business. The most questions asked are; how do you convert your website traffic into paying customers? Are you doing your CRO the right way? With all of these, only one thing is clear. You cannot get the most out of your business through sales alone. You also need to  boost your conversion rate and increase your overall profits. According to statistics:

[Tweet “#eCommerce businesses increase their #conversions report of +17% in profit with a single split test”]

Biggest Challenges of eCommerce

Lets take a look at the biggest challenges eCommerce marketers face each day, so that we can better understand and solve such problems. Here are the 3 biggest challenges.

  • Margin squeeze by Competitors and Customers
  • Creation of traffic through SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)

Many eCommerce marketers feel that they need to do more to increase their profits. However, the truth of the matter is; all you really need to look at are the above areas. Take note that you cannot do without them and they are quite important, especially when it comes to consistently growing your business.

Margin Squeeze and SEO

Margin squeeze occurs, essentially, when other, more successful businesses, prevent competitors from raising their prices to compete in the market . On the other hand, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a marketing technique to increase visibility through improving your website’s standing on search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing). Both of these are relatively known by most online marketers and are used when launching a marketing campaign.

What Is CRO?

CRO is short for Conversion Rate Optimization. While, margin squeeze and SEO are not new words or terms to a seasoned eCommerce marketer, (these words are commonly used online) CRO is a fairly new word and only few eCommerce marketers know this word and what it means. This is a new technique that only a few eCommerce marketers use to increase profit. It means making the most of your marketing to convert casual users into paying customers.  As mentioned in this article by Qualaroo:

What we mean when we talk about conversion rate optimization is; when a visitor to your website takes an action that you want them to take

When upgrading your website, you have to learn the biggest challengers that marketers face in the business. If you can manage to master these challenges, then the rest of your marketing campaign will eventually settle itself. You can learn more from Convert-Academy and Brandon Long. If you want to find out more you can access the full webinar here.

Originally published February 04, 2015 - Updated April 15, 2019
Lemuel Galpo
As Customer Content Manager, Lem is responsible for bringing learnings in conversion optimization and testing to the world. He is part of Convert.com's growth team and coordinates all writers, editors and illustrators.
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