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Announcing Convert Certified Partner Program

One of the most requested options from our clients is offering a way to show that they are a proud user of’s A/B testing software. We are now announcing a Certified Partner program for agencies and experts who are using Convert Experiments.

Certified Convert Agency

We are now open to take 20 agencies and experts in this program. If you are interested please apply fast. The benefits are numerous for the experts and agencies that are accepted into the program:

  • The official Convert Experiments Certified Agency or Expert badge
  • Listing on our partners page with a link to your site.
  • We make referrals to your services (more leads!)
  • Priority technical support
  • Access to roadmap forum where we discuss new product and feature releases
  • Guest post on our blog with backlinks to your website

There is no cost for applying to the partner program. However, for now we are only accepting 20 agencies into the program

Certified Agencies must meet certain requirements:

  • Be a Convert client with an agency plan for at least three months
  • Have two certified experts (read below) on the team
  • Executed at least three tests for your clients or customers
  • Provide a notice to’s team at least three months before stopping to use of Convert Experiments
  • Offer examples of conversion rate optimization and testing services you provide (minimum two case studies on your site that mention Convert Experiments)
  • Publish one original case study of a successful experiment within 6 months
  • If accepted in the program, commitment to display ‘Convert Experiments Certified Agency’ logo on your website (with a link to our homepage)

Certified Experts must meet certain requirements:

  • Have one blogpost about optimization with your name.
  • Mention your marketing/conversion agency in your LinkedIn profile.
  • Mention Conversion Optimization as a skill in your LinkedIn profile.

Ready to become a certified Agency/ Expert?

Simply email us at with your Convert Experiments account username and any other information required to become part of the Certified Partner Program. We will notify you within two week if you have been accepted into the program.

Carbon Neutral A/B Testing Software

To support our clients on the journey towards more sustainable operations we will offer carbon neutral A/B testing services. Clients that choose for their testing infrastructure carbon neutral infrastructure, will benefit from our continuous improvement program aimed at further reducing the CO2 footprint of our data

We will move the infrastructure of the application, tracking and databases to a carbon neutral provider starting February 28 11pm. On March 1st, between 1am Central Time to 6am, five (5) hours we will be turing off most services to support this move.

Our apologies for this maintenance and the planned down-time. We will try and keep the actual down-time under the 5 hours. If there are any surprises please follow us on twitter @convert or send us an email with questions.

Crazy Egg Integration & Deal

crazyegg_logo1 (1)We added a one click integration with Crazy Egg heat-map software. Integrating Convert Experiments A/B testing software with Crazy Egg, will give separate heat-maps for each variation within Convert Experiments. Get accurate information on how tested visitors experienced each different variation is now possible. Read More »

New ClickTale Integration

clicktalelogoWe added a one click integration with ClickTale heat-map and visitor session recording software.

Integrating Convert Experiments A/B testing software with ClickTale, will give separate heat-maps for each variation within Convert Experiments. Get accurate information on how tested visitors experienced each different variation is now possible. This integration is only available for paid plans in ClickTale but only requires one click in your Experiment Summary. Read More »

Usability & A/B Testing Are Best Friends

What are we talking about today: users or visitors, experiences or experiments, journey or funnels? Usability and A/B testing almost seem to be two different worlds. Usability is emotion, design and creating an experience while on the A/B testing side we test dozens shades of blue links to measure the increase of conversion or clicks, all statistics and analytics. Read More »

Get on the Conversion Bandwagon; Aligning Landing Pages to your PPC Campaigns

by Fahad Muhammad

A marketer without a landing page is like Batman without his bat mobile, Superman without his flying, Spiderman without his spidey senses, Martha Stewart without her baking – I could go on but I’m guessing you get the point.

So, even though a marketer without a landing page is a marketer (by definition) just as Spider Man would be a spider man because he was bitten by a radioactive spider his powers would be limited, so if Mary Jane decided to fall off of a building he wouldn’t be able to do anything heroic. Read More »

Seven Out Of Ten of All A/B Tests Fail

You did not hear? Seven Out Of Ten of All A/B Tests Fail …  Click To Tweet … Ah then you are not working for Dell or Paypal… since their best optimizer were in the audience when I spoke at the Conversion Conference in Ft. Lauderdale last October. We ran a query on our data and 70% of the A/B test performed by individuals without agencies don’t lead to to any increase in conversion. Click to Tweet Is that a failed A/B test? Not if you learned something from it. But imagine all the money you lose because you have no idea what you are doing? Read More »

A/B Testing Software Always Slows Down The Site

Every A/B testing software application that is available right now and will ever be created slows down your site. Period! Tweet This

slow-turtle-300x196Since we sell A/B testing software this is not easy to admit, but it’s part of the optimization effort. Every system you use to optimize conversion will have a negative impact on the website performance. It might be 0.05 or even 0.2 seconds, the difference in these different systems is for one part related to the softwares’ infrastructure and the other part.. your own budget for a tool (even 200ms does not seem to even affect conversion rates) Read More »

Infographic: How To Test Your Landing Pages


Convert Experiments New Interface

Beta Launch Date Countdown

We’ve opened the doors to our Convert Experiments Beta period right now to a select group of companies, shortly to be followed by our public Beta rolling out in a week or so. See the 2 minute video overview below.

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