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Universal Analytics include call tracking conversion optimization

Optimizing Website Conversions Using Call Metrics

Previously, we introduced the benefits of call tracking and the 6 methods to optimize conversions via call tracking a discussed in a recent webinar. We also discussed about the 1st method which is called Dynamic Number Insertion. In this second article, we will be discussing about the second method for optimizing conversions via call tracking which is — measuring and optimizing web conversions. This method is not so technical compared to the other methods. This method sways more to the most logical and the most obvious way that you can increase conversion. And it’s by improving how your website looks. Now, how do you track specific conversions from your website using call tracking?

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Call Tracking & A/B Testing

New Adwords Call Conversions

“Google launched a new AdWords tool called Website Call Conversions, which lets advertisers identify and measure calls from their website that occur after an ad click. The company explains that many customers only call a given business after clicking through an ad and learning more about the provided products and services. Google says 70 percent of mobile searchers have called a business directly from search ads, and the company already lets advertisers track this with AdWords click-to-call ads, call metrics, and calls as conversions. Today’s release is specifically for those calls that occur after already navigating to the company’s website” says the Next Web.

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Google Adwords Conversion Rate Loss

Google Adwords New Feature Just Cost You 10% of Your Conversions

We love SpyFu’s tools and Mike sure loves his data. Last week he published a post “Losing Exact Match is Sad, but Losing Phrase Match is What Will Torpedo Your Profits” that focuses on two major changes in Adwords that according to Mike’s conclusion just make Google get 23% more revenue. But the sad news is that this is costing you 10% of your conversion rates. Here is what he came up with and we do have a solution for you…

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Simplicity is the key to brilliance in conversion optimization

​Simplicity Sells

If you want to learn how to improve your website – promote and sell your products, this webinar will give you the best tips and tricks about that. Peep Laja, the conversion optimization expert of ConversionXL talks about the easiest way to make a website that sells in this webinar.

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Conversion Rate Increase on Ecommerce

Final Steps to Conversion Success

Running a website can be a great job. You choose what you want to do, you can choose what you want to sell, how you want to sell it, and how you want to promote it. But in every business there is a tricky part, and when it comes to the websites there are also a few things that might set you off. In a recent webinar, we discussed one of the best ways to run a successful website. 

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Dynamic Number Insertion

So what is dynamic number insertion? In a recent webinar, it was shown that dynamic number insertion is a method that allows users to track which sources, keywords, etc are producing phone calls. It does that by dynamically generating a unique clone number on your site that is associated with each of these sources. For example, if someone visits a site after a direct typing, they would see a phone number. However, if they Google that firm and then click on the link from the search result, they would see a different phone number, both with the same area code.

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Know Your Clients and Convert More

Best on the Мarket & Convert More

In a recent webinar, we talked with Peep Laja, Conversion Optimization Architect at Markitekt and blogger at ConversionXL about building a new website and how becoming the best on the market is not as easy as it sounds. When you are building a new website, you need to know your competition. Learn what other pages your visitors visit. Learn about the prices and what the competition has to offer. When you know how good or how bad they are, you will know what to do next. If there is a huge difference in quality or prices between your website and the ones your competitors have, you risk losing a lot of visitors and customers.

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Awesome converting website being built

The Goal of Every Free Trial Offer

Free trials were not meant to be created for the purpose of introducing a product in the market. The goal of every free trial offer is to get a share in the market by yielding a high percentage of conversion rates. It is disappointing to hear that there are some businesses who have accepted the fate of 1% conversion rate not doing anything to convince the other 99%. On a recent webinar, Lincoln talked about the remaining 99% of the potential customers. He discussed the importance of focusing to the 99% than to highlight the 1% conversion. According to Lincoln, there is nothing to celebrate in that 1% because that only means that despite your alleged best efforts, you did everything wrong.

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Time your A/B tests to get best results

Every time you run a test, think about things you can do to reduce noise- or uncontrollable effects on your data. One thing that is often overlooked is fluctuations caused by the day of the week. Think about it. Many sites enjoy significantly more traffic and more sales on weekdays, while others perform best on the weekends.

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Details Make Perfection in Conversion Optimization

Details Make Perfection

In a recent webinar, Peep Laja of ConversionXL discussed how to build websites that sell. When you are building a new website besides the design you need to pay attention to several other details. People are used to some things when it comes to the website interface. For example, contact details are always on the last tab on the horizontal menu. So, when you are building a new website you need to keep it in the way people are used to it. Don’t try to change the interface, people are used to something, don’t try to make them learn something new.

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