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The Power of Free Trial

Free for All

One of the best ways to sell something is to attach the word “free” to your product or service. This word acts like a magnet and it calls the attention of your prospective market. They need to know what you are selling and the best way to do this is to let the consumer feel what it is like with your product around. How? One of the best ways is to offer a free trial. During this period, you need to create an impression that customers need you MORE than you need them. Many companies today know the importance of this approach – to penetrate the market easily. Read More »

User Friendly Websites

Converting people to your website can be a little tricky. You may have tried a lot of things, and had no success. In the recent webinar, a few things were discussed on what you can try that will help you understand how your customers’ minds work and how you can attract them to your website. Read More »

Testing Idea – Optimize your Headline

I am often asked what has the biggest influence on the success of a landing page. Invariably it comes down to the headline. With this single line of text, you can:

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How to Avoid A/B Test Mistakes

The best conversion rate experts in the world get 1 our of 3 a/b tests right right, that means they fail 67% of the time. Why test fail and why that is a good thing is Nazli Yuzak‘s way to share learnings with you on why she as a Senior Digital Consultant at Dell celebrates failure and is open about it. Why you can share failure with your clients and how you bring the news. Read More »

Testing Idea – Those Submit Buttons

Here’s something to consider A/B testing… those form submit buttons. You know, the thing that customers actually click on to send in their information, order, or sign up for your newsletter.

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The Secret Formula for Conversion

What is Conversion Marketing?

Conversion marketing is an eCommerce phrase that is used to describe the act of converting site visitors into paying customers. In the webinar, Dennis van der Heijden along with Matt Dombrow share their knowledge and experience in this particular area with the webinar participants. They talk about conversion and conversion rates. If one wants to have a deep understanding of the skills that are needed to make the right choice, and to be able to produce a really big breakthrough in the conversion, they have to know how to progress faster through the conversion test and to continue producing at a faster rate and more often. One has to have their own ideas and to have all the data, before making any kind of decision. Fast decisions, without the needed information, usually lead to failure. Read More »

Testing Idea – Page Colors

An often overlooked element of landing page success is the color scheme used. In brick and mortar retailing, the color blue has been theorized to increase sales. You can see this being used in many stores, from Wal-Mart to Best Buy among others. Does blue actually make a difference? Some marketing folks (especially the ones that came up with the research) seem to think so. But without A/B testing, how can you be sure that it is the best color for YOUR product, offer or brand? Read More »

How Call Tracking can Win your Agency More Clients

By now, most of you have heard about call tracking and its many advantages to business. If you haven’t, then you had better start researching about it now. You can read about it, ask a colleague, or look it up on the internet. But I’ll save you the trouble. Read More »

Testing Idea – Internal marketing elements

This weeks idea is really more than just a simple idea, but an often overlooked element of the complete online marketing equation, something we call “internal site marketing.” Web marketing strategies like search engine optimization get people to your site, but internal marketing tactics get people signed up for your newsletter, registered for your whitepapers, and attending your webinars- or maybe purchasing your affiliate products.

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How often should I A/B test?

So you’ve spent a bunch of time and effort to organize an effective A/B test. After identify numerous things to test out, you have a well optimized landing page. And you have learned some very interesting things about what makes your customers take action. Your results show it! Good job! Read More »

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