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Call Tracking

Google Analytics Integration with Call Tracking

For the past few articles, we discussed call tracking and ways to optimize conversion rates using call tracking. By this time, you’ve read about three ways already and these are dynamic number insertion, web conversion optimization and landing page optimization. Today, we will be talking about the fourth way to optimize your conversion rates via call tracking.

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A/B testing is important

Why Your A/B Tests Fail

Today I wrote a blog on ConversionXL about what we learned from A/B tests performed on the A/B testing suite Convert Experiments. Here a short quote from that article.

It’s only after collecting and analyzing as much research as possible, and doing some basic hypothesis testing with wireframes, do the agencies get into the actual A/B testing process.

Now, you might not believe it, but there’s a fairly common issue with A/B testing tools causing a “blink” to occur, as the tool decides which variation to show the visitor, which can really skew test results.

This is mostly attributed to slow site speed, or poor test set up, but it’s an important thing to consider. We have seen that these blinks can lower conversions up to 18%.

Much of this has to do with the how the tool serves the variation (is the variation client side or server side?) Certain tools are also vulnerable, allowing competitors to peek at your experiments using this script. Some A/B testing tools that I’m sure don’t have this blink problem are SitespectGoogle Analytics Content Experiments, and (ours).

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wonders a/b testing

The Wonders of A/B Testing

In a recent webinar conducted by  who is the founder of Clever Zebo and who has helped countless start ups gain reputation and opportunity to find their target prospects, he discussed about the world of A/B testing. Some of us, especially starters, will scratch our heads and ask; What is A/B testing and how huge is its impact in the growth of your business – my business – our business?

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Xero Shoes A/B testing client


Take a look at this weeks, WhichTestWon case study. Xero Shoes tried and header test with trust seals and a big clean-up on the header of their Ecommerce website. We talked about conversion rates on trust seals a couple of days ago and we know from heatmap studies that distraction can lower conversion rates. So what happens when you remove a full social bar and remove three trust elements from your homepage, will it help or hurt?

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PPC Adwords of Google

Traffic Conversion Tactics: Are You Doing It Right?

If you are a site owner and you are receiving a decent amount of traffic to your website but you have little or even no conversion at all, don’t you think that there’s something wrong? What traffic conversion tactics are you using? And are you doing it right? A thousand daily site visitors converting into one sale a day is pretty alarming. It’s a sign that you need to start troubleshooting. 

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Conversation Call Analytics

This One Detail Converts 3.2X More Calls

We are always open to learn about interesting new conversion strategies and sometimes they come from an unexpected angle. Today I’d like to share “the phone-call conversion”. Our colleagues at LogMyCalls have some call analytics software that analyses the sales calls and they found that one thing boost conversions on the phone more than anything.

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Unbounce Landing Page

Understanding The Basic Concept of Landing Pages

In this webinar, the guest speaker Carlos Del Rio (of talked about the importance of landing pages, what it can do, and how it can create an impact to bring the income that you have envisioned. Writing a book called “User Driven Change: Give Them What They Want” helped Carlos to realize how important a landing page is and how it can dictate the tempo of your consumer from being a potential market to becoming a sure buyer of your product. You will need to fill in the missing piece of the puzzle so you can make a clear picture on the item that you are selling. 

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Optimize for Landing Page Conversions

Optimizing Landing Page Conversions

In this article, we will be talking about methods for landing page conversions. In McKay Alan’s webinar, the third method for optimizing conversions via call tracking was discussed. How can call tracking help you improve the conversion rates on your landing page? Landing pages are pages where you do most of your marketing. It is where customers can download your white papers, eBooks, webinars, case studies and all sorts of useful tools and information. This is also where you get most of your form filled conversion rates.

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Trust Seal Works

Choose the Most Popular Trust Seals

Today we got a great reminder on how simple a test can be having great impacts on Ecommerce conversion rates and revenue per visitor from an article on the CrazyEgg blog. Which of the 20 most popular seals would you trust? This is not exact science and obvious less reliable in comparison to an A/B test, but it gives you a good indicator of what seals you can pick for your A/B test. Lets see which were the “winners”?

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Making Yourself Indispensable

Making Yourself Indispensable as a Marketer

One of the things about call tracking, is that it can make a marketing agency viscous with clients. You can achieve this by demonstrating to clients how many calls you can actually generate for them. Giving insights into their main revenue streams gives your agency an edge, and that sets you apart from all the other less savvy agencies. So why are you not setting up call-tracking?

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