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Free Trial Approaches: How to Ask Your Customer to Pay?

As discussed in the recent webinar with Sixteen Ventures, a free trial is not in itself a success without taking into consideration the approaches or how you want the execution to happen. The technique is to get your customers “cling” into your product – you want them to get hooked. If this is the first thing you had in mind then you know that you need to be very careful when it is time to ask them to pay for the service. There are two options here: either opt-in or opt-out.

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Funnel Conversion Traffic

Targeted Traffic vs Converting Traffic

A big percentage of websites nowadays are getting their traffic from search engines and social media. A newbie in the internet marketing arena would always aim to get as much traffic as possible, but for someone who has been in the field knows that the game is already aimed to target traffic. It may sound the same but it is two unique words – two entirely different words that can change the course of your business.

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Conversion Optimization

Websites that Convert!

On the recent webinar with Peep Laja, the issue was how to build a new website, or how to revamp an old one and how it can be a pretty hard thing to accomplish. We all want to attract visitors and customers. If you start from scratch it can be a really difficult process, but here are a few things that you need to know so you can get to your visitors and customers faster.

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The Power of Free Trial

Free for All

One of the best ways to sell something is to attach the word “free” to your product or service. This word acts like a magnet and it calls the attention of your prospective market. They need to know what you are selling and the best way to do this is to let the consumer feel what it is like with your product around. How? One of the best ways is to offer a free trial. During this period, you need to create an impression that customers need you MORE than you need them. Many companies today know the importance of this approach – to penetrate the market easily.

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User Friendly Websites

Converting people to your website can be a little tricky. You may have tried a lot of things, and had no success. In the recent webinar, a few things were discussed on what you can try that will help you understand how your customers’ minds work and how you can attract them to your website.

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How to Avoid A/B Test Mistakes

The best conversion rate experts in the world get 1 our of 3 a/b tests right right, that means they fail 67% of the time. Why test fail and why that is a good thing is Nazli Yuzak‘s way to share learnings with you on why she as a Senior Digital Consultant at Dell celebrates failure and is open about it. Why you can share failure with your clients and how you bring the news.

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Lab Bottles A/B Testing

The Secret Formula for Conversion

What is Conversion Marketing?

Conversion marketing is an eCommerce phrase that is used to describe the act of converting site visitors into paying customers. In the webinar, Dennis van der Heijden along with Matt Dombrow share their knowledge and experience in this particular area with the webinar participants. They talk about conversion and conversion rates. If one wants to have a deep understanding of the skills that are needed to make the right choice, and to be able to produce a really big breakthrough in the conversion, they have to know how to progress faster through the conversion test and to continue producing at a faster rate and more often. One has to have their own ideas and to have all the data, before making any kind of decision. Fast decisions, without the needed information, usually lead to failure.

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Testing Idea – Page Colors

An often overlooked element of landing page success is the color scheme used. In brick and mortar retailing, the color blue has been theorized to increase sales. You can see this being used in many stores, from Wal-Mart to Best Buy among others. Does blue actually make a difference? Some marketing folks (especially the ones that came up with the research) seem to think so. But without A/B testing, how can you be sure that it is the best color for YOUR product, offer or brand?

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