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How to Reduce Now Your E-commerce Bounce Rate

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a systematic and organized method of improving your website experience and performance. CRO is driven by insights and information gathered from analytics and user feedback. It’s primary concern is to optimize the website in a way that not only brings new users but also make the most out...... read the full article

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Converting the Competition

Convert had the chance to conduct a webinar with Max Teitelbaum, co-founder of WhatRunsWhere, a company with exciting technology that helps up conversion rates in a unique way.  For Teitelbaum, the key to running a campaign that will get you the ROIs and increased conversion rates you’re looking for...... read the full article

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How Easy to Use is your Online Shopping Cart?

For an eCommerce website to flourish, each website owner must have an online shopping cart that is easy to utilize. On top of that, having a great cart efficiency, usability and design, along with an effective shopping cart checkout process, are crucial steps in setting up a shopping cart system that can improve your online...... read the full article

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