May 16th – This Weeks New Features

May 16th – This Weeks New Features

Adil Mahmood
Written by Adil Mahmood
May 16, 2015

This week, Convert Experiments has seen a number of small but important updates that need to be mentioned, and that some of you have been waiting for. So without further ado, here is the list:

New Features A/B testing duration

  • Blocking Overcharges

We have been working hard in our billing section, and last week we added a new link that you can send to your billing department so they can add or update the credit card in a secure environment, without having to login to the application. In addition to this update, you can now also block overcharges in your billing section (see screenshot below). This will stop all the projects and experiments in your account when you are hitting you limit per month (or year-in-year plans). Thank you Gabriel for this suggestion.

No overcharges inexpensive A/B testing  software

  • Avoid Showing Confidence too Fast

Let’s not jump to conclusions. We all know that you love to see confidence levels rise fast, but you and we both know that sometimes you jump to conclusions too fast. So to avoid you, or your clients, getting enthusiastic faster than what is good for them, we have this. This prevents results from showing up in the results page until your minimum threshold has been reached using this new setting in the report summary settings.

Minimum Variations Settings

We have added the option to extend beyond the default 20 dimensions that Google Universal Analytics offers, and now we have made all Google Analytics Premium Dimensions available for all clients.

Convert is the only A/B testing tool that allows you to import Google Analytics goals, and now we can better show you what goals you can import and which ones you cannot. This avoids any frustration on your end. We apologize for the delay, but it’s now officially live.

Import Google Analytics goals into A/B testing tool

  • Winning Status of Revenue and Average Order Value

You may have noticed that if you switch from conversion rate to revenue, or average order value reports in your experiment, the winner will not change. Seems strange right? We have now fixed this so that the winner of each dimension is clearly shown. We hope this helps make the reports clearer.

Originally published May 16, 2015 - Updated April 15, 2019
Adil Mahmood
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