[Press Release] Convert Experiences, Personalization and New Pricing

[Press Release] Convert Experiences, Personalization and New Pricing

Fabiola Martinez
August 17, 2016
Convert announcement

July 11, 2016 – Convert.com, the most affordable leading A/B & Multivariate testing software for enterprise and eCommerce agencies launches Personalization. This is an account-based, customer-centered interface that Enterprise and Agency clients will use to provide seamless integration with existing marketing tool-stacks. The new feature is simple to use, more affordable and offers powerful customizable features.

Convert CEO, Dennis van der Heijden, recognizing the need of their growing enterprise and agency clients to offer customizable experiences, set about to add more flexibility and integration to the already popular Convert Experiences software.

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Enterprise and agency clients need to guide their clients in a unified and personalized way, and Convert has met this challenge with the launch of Personalization. By keeping things simple and reducing the annual cost, we know our new and existing clients will find even more value in their relationship with Convert.com.

Convert Announcement

About Personalization

Easy to implement with a simple WYSIWYG editor, Personalization doesn’t require any upgrades to existing clients. For those who want to take the personalization further jQuery and Javascript experiences can also be delivered through the same interface.

New pricing on yearly plans offers a 10% cash discount and a 100% increase in visitors for annual prepaid contracts. With three levels of pricing available, Convert.com remains the most affordable enterprise A/B Testing software on the market. Clients receive unlimited experience traffic with the only limit being the number of experiences by specific plan. All customers will continue to receive unlimited clients as well as the high-level customer support that they have come to expect from Convert.

Personalization is the first in a series of new feature roll-outs Convert has planned. In the coming months, Convert Experiences will integrate apps, marketing data, and audiences in ways that connect all areas of marketing.

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When asked what to expect with this new feature launch, Van Der Heijden reasons, “With our staff and client size doubling over last year and all indicators showing similar growth by the year-end, Convert’s client base is getting not only additional support but a faster and more complete app. With this new feature release, we made a big leap in offering to those that want scalability and affordability, the most affordable web experiences in the industry.”

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About Convert.com

Convert.com is the leading A/B & Multivariate testing software for enterprise and eCommerce agencies. Its flagship product, Convert Experiences™, is a one-code installation solution that provides risk-free testing of large groups of landing pages through deep integrations with major eCommerce platforms and analytics tools. The solution allows for full control over every aspect of a test with features such as minimum and maximum test durations; Manual and automatic variation controls, as well as historical insights into stoppage of test variations. Agency-friendly features include unlimited projects and client accounts, multi-domain testing and tracking, development tools for jQuery, JavaScript and CSS. Convert.com is headquartered in Walnut, CA with offices in Mexico and Romania. More information is available at https://www.convert.com

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Fabiola Martinez

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Originally published August 17, 2016 - Updated April 15, 2019
Fabiola Martinez
As Digital Marketing Lead of Convert.com, Fabiola is responsible for increasing brand awareness, community growth and lead generation. Always trying to improve things as a team member and as a human being.
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