Convert Now Integrates With Hotjar

Convert Now Integrates With Hotjar

Fabiola Martinez
December 8, 2015
Convert announcement

Convert Insights, Inc, the leader in affordable enterprise A/B testing software, yesterday announced that it now integrates with Hotjar conversion optimization tool. Hotjar eliminate guesswork with recordings of real visitor behaviour on your site. By seeing your visitor clicks, taps, mouse movements you can identify usability issues on the fly.

The flagship and brand product Convert Experiments is one of the world’s fastest growing A/B testing tools and handles billions website requests every month for the thousands of client websites it supports in their effort in conversion optimization.

Convert Announcement

Hotjar is the only tool to truly combine analytics with feedback and with almost 65,000 organisations using the the system it’s one of the fastest growing conversion optimization tools in the world. It’s features allow Hotjar to connect the dots between these two areas allowing you to understand “why” your visitors behave the way they do and to see how visitors are really using your website, collect user feedback and turn more visitors into customers.

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Once the integration is enabled in your Convert Experiment’s Summary screen, every recording in your Hotjar account will be tagged allowing to filter the recordings based on a certain Experiment – Variation pair in order to analyze visitors’ behavior while seeing the respective variation.

David Darmanin CEO at Hotjar says: “Here at Hotjar we’re really excited to see releasing it’s first integrations with Hotjar. It shows a commitment by Convert to invest into making their tool even more powerful for their customers. Collecting user insights and analytics while you test is a critical piece of doing CRO and testing in the right way. We’ll continue to support Convert as they release more integrations in the future.”


About is the leading A/B & Multivariate testing software for enterprise and eCommerce agencies. Its flagship product, Convert Experiments™, is a one-code installation solution that provides risk-free testing of large groups of landing pages through deep integrations with major eCommerce platforms and analytics tools.

The solution allows for full control over every aspect of a test with features such as minimum and maximum test durations, manual and automatic variation controls, as well as historical insights into stoppage of test variations.

Agency-friendly features include unlimited projects and client accounts, multi-domain testing and tracking, development tools for jQuery, JavaScript and CSS. is headquartered in Walnut, CA with offices in Mexico and Romania. More information is available at

About Hotjar

Hotjar is a privately owned and funded company that develops intuitive and disruptive research and optimization tools for web businesses. It helps its customers realize how visitors are really using their websites.

The service helps them collect feedback and turn more visitors into customers. To learn how Hotjar is improving the sites and helping businesses from startups to million-dollar companies in 184 countries, please visit or, and follow @HotjarApps on Twitter.

Originally published December 08, 2015 - Updated April 15, 2019
Fabiola Martinez
As Digital Marketing Lead of, Fabiola is responsible for increasing brand awareness, community growth and lead generation. Always trying to improve things as a team member and as a human being.
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