Free Conversion Advice for Omnistar Affiliate Software

Free Conversion Advice for Omnistar Affiliate Software

Clients keep asking I love to refer people but is there also a referral program for Convert Insights. After several months of hearing this today it was on top of my to-do list. I selected Omnistar Affiliate Software for its integration with Batchblue CRM and a decent starting price of $27 usd. Sign-up went smooth even if they do not accept my last name “van der Heijden” since it has these weird spaces in it, the online SaaS system does not seem ready for my weird spaces so I accepted that I now am “Vanderheijden” for Omnistar.

Then only to find out next I got a free trial with my credit card, I can live with that, credit card do give a higher lead qualification and maybe get them even $27 usd because I forget to cancel. But then an email saying they needed to verify my credit card and I could call next day to get access. Sorry what happened to my free trial? Well I had to wait to find out till Monday (this all was Sunday night).

So instantly I replied the email to and only to find out it bounced due to an error configuration in the email system and a phone call on Monday went something like this: “I am here to share my frustration” ok “blabla on my side” ok, so you want to be activated?” Well yeh “Good I will forward it to the right department and you will get a confirmation email this afternoon”

Really no word of empathy on my frustration or suggestions, and this was a sales-guy! Now 4 hours later I am still waiting for my sign-up email … wonder if I ever going to get it or there will be 15 days of silence before I get billed. But ohh boy they better be really really good in the software side…

Please Omnistar if you want to increase web conversion please change the following:

  • Allow last names with spaces
  • Stop calling you support and login area /download/ but make this /login/ or /support/
  • Allow instant access after I give my credit card details
  • Change to so I can actually reply to any of your emails and get no bounced emails
  • Call me back, don’t make me call you to verify my account
  • When I complain show empathy and try to resolve it.
  • When you update tickets format them properly so links work and I do not see /n/n/n/r everywhere.
  • Support tickets with are super frustrating, I have to go back to your online ticket system (after I find it, since your emails do not offer a link to it) login and then reply to my ticket. WHAAAA that is frustrating!

Update Nov. 1st: 7 hours later I got an email with my login details admin/admin wow did I have to wait over 20 hours for that? But when logged in it could not find a dynamic affiliate fee like 15% of the sales price so I looked for the cancel option… have not found that one. So filled a support ticket, let see how long that takes 🙂

Update Nov. 1st: I got actually a quick reply in my cancellation and a question why I wanted to cancel and that they did have a percentage option. Well I referred them to this post. Maybe they understand that its a bit late… now on my way to try another affiliate tool.

Originally published October 30, 2011 - Updated January 03, 2018
Dennis van der Heijden
Co-founder and CEO of, Dennis is a passionate community builder and out of the box thinker. He spends his time innovating to make Convert Experiences better. Learn about his journey as an entrepreneur and leader on the SaaS Club podcast.
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