How to Deal with Struggling and Budget Sensitive Clients?

How to Deal with Struggling and Budget Sensitive Clients?

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Optimizing for eCommerce is not an easy thing, although we all prefer to see a huge increase in our conversion numbers beyond the 25% and to achieve that, you need to make sure your tools are set up properly. What we’ll be sharing here is specificly for agencies that setup eCommerce A/B Testing projects with good volume ecommerce sites (let’s say >2 million unique visitors).

Next week, we’ll have the first of a webinar series with Dennis van der Heijden, co-Founder and CEO of Convert. The main objective is to guide you through the process of optimizing your eCommerce while knowing the A/B Testing features available.

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It would benefit you to join this webinar if you have Convert Experiments and use it for Ecommerce sites or if you:

  • Get the client install the eCommerce code for Convert and integrate it with any template and how to setup the tool to make use of the patent pending SmartInsert Technology that prevents blinking
  • Setup & verify revenue goals
  • Import & verify Google Analytics goals from client accounts
  • Setting up cross-domain auto-reconnect experiments that work on subdomains
  • Sending revenue and conversions from third party of backend systems outside of the web

We, of course, use Convert Experiments and would want to show you how it works and how you could use it to grow your business. Using Convert Experiments is straightforward but going into the details on how to setup and verify your installation and get your first results is important for any agency to build confidence with their eCommerce clients.

But don’t worry, if you don’t use Convert Experiments you could also benefit from this webinar if:

  • Use Optimizely and have eCommerce clients that are budget sensitive and can’t switch to Optimizely Enterprise package and you now need to make a recommendation for them
  • Have clients that struggle with targeting pages and have limited access to their template source-code
  • Use another A/B testing tool and would like better support when installing new more complicated client infrastructures.

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  • 29 May, 2015
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