Convert Insights Speed Improved

Convert Insights Speed Improved

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After the launch on May 16, 2011 we got a lot of feedback from users that sign-up on paid accounts and told us they would like a faster loading of the monitoring JavaScript for their sites. We could not agree more, the old code and distribution was fitting for a ‘in beta’ project but not for a professional service.

We made switched from S3 distribution of our JavaScript code to a Content Distribution Network (CDN) on June 22 and added gzip compression support to the code. We got between 8x to 15x increase in speed (800%-1500%) so that was a significant boost for the client sites over the older distribution model. Everyone that has the old code installed will benefit from this speed increase. The pure loading of our code is taking now between 8ms and 80ms depending on where in the world you are and traffic on the web, etc.

We added another feature to our code that determines if the browser is already loaded jQuery and that way we will not load it again. We have seen additional speed improvement of 30%-40% o top of the existing speed improvement we got from the CDN distribution and Gzip compression. For this last change a change of our code is needed on everyone that installed the code before June 29. For this got to Settings -> Project Settings -> Project Code in the application and please update the code of your sites with the new one to benefit from the latest 30%-40% speed improvement.

PS: thanks Bill, Guy and Andy for helping us on this improvement.

Originally published June 29, 2011 - Updated September 20, 2012


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  • 29 Jun, 2011
  • Posted by Dennis van der Heijden
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Written by Dennis van der Heijden

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