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I’m not going let you read the whole post: I really like So that was the review. Why I like it?

  • has a fair price (around $120 for 3 videos)
  • They deliver the videos fast
  • Quality is fair for the price

We have no partnership or deal with them, but it is one of those services that just work. I use it in webinars and client presentations to find opportunities in our platform and site. Below three videos I ordered two days ago. This is uncut 100% real videos on a site from The Orlando Vacation Store, since I seriously considering going to Disney World Orlando. The store agreed to have these videos online for your and their education. Enjoy.

Video 1: User Testing

Video 2: User Testing

Video 3: User Testing

Originally published March 08, 2013 - Updated April 15, 2019
Dennis van der Heijden
Co-founder and CEO of passionate in building communities that care. Trying to make that happen inside and outside Convert. I love working with my team to make our A/B testing software better for agencies and e-commerce clients.
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An eye opener; from typo errors to options that should be "obvious" to the visitor (according to the website owner) that are not followed. A lot of website changes can come from this reviews. Thanks Dennis for sharing this with us, I'm sure we will have another review done after updating the website!

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