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Convert commits to support ‘Do Not Track’

Do Not Track (or just DNT) is a privacy setting end-users can set in most browsers. From February 15, 2018, Convert Experiences will automatically support this setting across its entire install base. “We support Do Not Track because we think it’s really important that you have a simple way...... read the full article

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GDPR vs. ePrivacy: What You Need to Know

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) replaces the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC… …AND, it brings with it, new ePrivacy Regulations (ePR) for EU citizens… …even if that data is stored and handled outside Europe… …in an age when the personal data is increasingly economically valuable. So it’s incredibly important. But...... read the full article

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How to Buy GDPR Compliant A/B Testing Software

Spoiler alert: forget it. There is no compliant A/B testing tool. Meaning, there’s no “certificate” from an A/B testing tool guaranteeing you’ll avoid that 20 million euro lawsuit from a European privacy authority. But what is possible is that you choose a testing tool designed with privacy in mind....... read the full article

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Breaking News: Free Google Optimize Announced

Today Babak Pahlavan, Senior Director of Measurement and Analytics of Google announced Google Optimize during the SMX keynote. This free version of Google’s Optimize 360 will come in October this year and will roll out globally before the end of the year. Update: March 1, 2018 Max. 5 concurrent...... read the full article

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