Convert Multivariate or Multipage Experiments

Convert Multivariate or Multipage Experiments

If you have carried out Multivariate or Multipage experiments with Convert, then you would have used the ‘browse’ mode offered by the tool. This feature makes the visual editor work as a regular browser. It allows you to get an in depth idea about what the visitors to your site actually want and you get to learn a lot about their preferences in general.

In case of Multivariate testing with the help of ‘browse’ feature you are able to test multiple variations of a page in one test. While carrying out multipage experiment using Convert, it is required to make changes to all the pages that you want to test and include them in a site area before executing the tests.

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However, sometimes while carrying out the multipage experiment you may not be able to reach certain URLs that you want to browse to. For example, you may not be able to access a login or a contact us page while conducting a multipage test.

Keeping that in mind, Convert has introduced a new feature that allows you to change URL to allow advanced level of multipage testing.

It can be accessed by clicking on the ‘Change Editor Page’ option. With this feature, setting up of multipage tests becomes easy and you are able to tests your pages in totality as it allows you to reach other URLs that may not be possible to access otherwise.

change editor

change editor page

In our Support Center you’ll find a detailed technical guide of how to do it. Not using Convert yet? We invite you to take a free trial. Looking forward to see you there!

Originally published July 16, 2015 - Updated April 15, 2019
Meenu RishiRaj Kohli
Meenu Kohli is a graduate Electronics Engineer. She started her career as a software developer and also worked as a tester, trainer and quality assurance expert with some very well reputed multi national companies. Now she works as an independent contractor in the field of software testing, technical writing and SEO.
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