[New] Convert Experiments Debugger Chrome Extension

[New] Convert Experiments Debugger Chrome Extension

Fabiola Martinez
December 21, 2015

We have great news to announce!

The fastest way to debug potential issues that arrive while setting up experiments is by installing Convert Experiments debugger extension from the Chrome store.

The extension needed in the QA process of a experiments is set-up inside Convert Experiments. It will replace the loaded JS with an alternate Javascript file that display debugging messages into the Chrome debugging console.

Just install it, enable it by clicking on the icon and reload the page that has Convert tracking Code installed. Information will appear inside Chrome’s Console.


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Once installed by clicking on it will toggle the debugging on an off. When on, if you load a page that has Convert Experiments tracking code, just open the Chrome console and you’ll see many debugging messages.

A typical “Inspect Element -> Console” screen below as example.


For additional information please contact our Support Center and one of our team members will be happy to assist.

If you haven’t try Convert Experiments A/B testing tool and you’re interested in giving a try, please register for a free trial for 15-days.

Originally published December 21, 2015 - Updated April 15, 2019
Fabiola Martinez
As Digital Marketing Lead of Convert.com, Fabiola is responsible for increasing brand awareness, community growth and lead generation. Always trying to improve things as a team member and as a human being.
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