Increase Conversion Rate on MailChimp Campaigns

Increase Conversion Rate on MailChimp Campaigns

Dennis van der Heijden
February 10, 2011

MailChimp is a wonderful tool to create and maintain autoresponders and campaigns. Convert Insights connect to MailChimp by matching the email with personalization options on you website. In this blogpost I hope to demonstrate how to use MailChimp and Convert Insights together by a hypothetical case for the Next Web Tech-blog.

How to Improve Conversion Rate with Convert Insights and MailChimp?

There are many things you can do to lift the conversion rate of you MailChimp campaigns using Convert Insights, but for this short explanation I will focus on one: Remove elements that distract from call to action on your site.

Removing Distracting Elements

First thing you can remove is the newsletter sign-up box on every page. The Next Web is one of many MailChimp clients who could benefit from this. Since TNW is a Tech-blog they should use every pixel well in regards to advertising space. When I use their MailChimp sign-up form in right column I get redirected to and after I confirm my subscription forwarded to the page

Less distractions for The Next Web (TNW) fans

When I signed up The Next Web Alert / Newsletter TNW can should remove these blocks, that ask me to sign-up for their newsletter, since they could ‘see’ I already signed up. That space could be used for a banner, or more engaging elements that allow me to read more pages (more CPM/banner-income for TNW).

How do you do that in Convert Insights? Make a multivariate test

Well first of all you do not follow anything I say by word, you test! Use Convert Insights Multivariate tester and select the two blocks (see image) and create a variation with nothing in it (remove all code) that way you have two areas with two variations (called a multivariate test and is made in 10 seconds on Convert Insights). Then you test what happens if people that subscribed to the newsletter do not see one or both blocks, do they engage better (read more pages)?

Who to target? Everyone that signed up!

Well it pretty obvious you want to target this test on the group that signed up for the newsletter so they saw

In Convert Insights you say apply the test only to that group and since the Convert Insights code is usually installed on every page, this page will be monitored.

Convert Insights places a cookie for every visitor ad we monitor the visited paths, so we know that we only include the visitors that actually signed up for that newsletter.

Removing distractions when clicking from MailChimp newsletters to your site?

If a person comes from a newsletter MailChimp offers a lot of tracking tools inside the application. Convert Insights can use these special variables to determine if a user is signed up for one.

URL’s from MailChimp look like this: ?utm_source=Mail+List&utm_campaign= 32364d51bb- TNW- Alterts&utm_medium=email& mc_cid=32364d51bb&  mc_eid=eeec6b8246

So Convert Insights can monitor on specific MailChimp elements like mc_cid or mc_eid and if one is in that URL the test we started can apply also to these groups of visitors. That way we can even reestablish a profile when there are no previous cookies present. Below you see how we can extend the segment in Convert Insights to monitor specific variables in a URL to determine if we should include this user in the test.

Increase Your Conversion and Engagement Rate!

As you can see its really simple to create a killer A/B/n or Multivariate test on Convert Insights. But you can also personalize the pages, analyse funnels and create advanced segments to build a more interactive audience or generate more leads, sales or revenue.

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Originally published February 10, 2011 - Updated January 05, 2018
Dennis van der Heijden
Co-founder and CEO of, Dennis is a passionate community builder and out of the box thinker. He spends his time innovating to make Convert Experiences better. Learn about his journey as an entrepreneur and leader on the SaaS Club podcast.
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