[Infographic] 12 Critical Elements Every Homepage Must Have

[Infographic] 12 Critical Elements Every Homepage Must Have

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In this infographic, Hubspot gives us the 12 critical elements that every homepage must have to be successful. Home pages are one of the most important pages in a website, in terms of marketing. In most cases, the home pages are also the landing pages of the site. Most conversion occurs on the landing page, making the home page one of the most active pages for visitors and users. This infographic shows the 12 critical elements every home page must have for efficient and effective conversion.

Aside from providing us with the critical elements, the infographic also shares interesting and informative insights such as:

  • Effective Indicators
  • Proper Headlines and Sub-headlines
  • Supportive Images
  • Features and Resources
  • Primary and Secondary Calls to Action

In terms of online marketing, website owners only have a short time to successfully convert casual visitors into paying customers. That is why it is important to have an effective home page. The average customer takes a few seconds to evaluate the value of your website. In that short time, your home page must be able to convey the product/service that you are offering, and what that website can do for them. To achieve this, your homepage must feature these critical elements.


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  • 13 Jul, 2015
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