Infographic: Conversion Killers: Is your Website Losing Money?

Infographic: Conversion Killers: Is your Website Losing Money?

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The folks over at CWCS Managed Hosting shared this infographic that tackles conversion optimization, and the factors that make or break a website’s conversion with site visitors. Conversion Killers are the factors that diminish conversion for your website, and prevents your website from luring in more customers and prevents them from spending money on your website. In other words, Conversion Killers are what stops you from making money off of your website!

This infographic shares revealing information about what slows down or stops conversion in your website. Information such as:

  • Factors that lead to shopping cart abandonment
  • Why visitors that have bad experience never return
  • Factors that contribute to customers spending more on a website
  • Why online availability, custom logos and users reviews really matter
  • How long it will take for a customer to, either abandon their cart, or continue with a purchase

In terms of running an online business, conversion is the lifeblood of any website. It is not just about leading visitors to buying or purchasing, it is about connecting your product or service to the people that really want or need them. Conversion helps with guiding the right people to the right product/service.


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Originally published October 06, 2014 - Updated October 16, 2014


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  • 6 Oct, 2014
  • Posted by Lemuel Galpo
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Written by Lemuel Galpo

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