Paving the Way to Your Consumers’ Hearts

Paving the Way to Your Consumers’ Hearts

Conversion Optimization from the Heart

In the virtual domain,more and more people are becoming a part of this big world. And with each passing day, you need to stand out among the crowd. The truth is, e-Commerce has evolved so much in the past few years, and today, it is not just a virtual hub, but it can also be deemed as the home of consumers who want to buy budget-friendly and high quality products. Since this is the case, it is now time to step up and enhance the quality of your page and make sure that it meets the needs and wants of all of your consumers.

In a recent webinar by Kevin Eichelberger (Founder and CEO at Blue Acorn) and A/B testing software” href=””>Convert, they discussed how to use conversion optimization as a tool to improve and increase eCommerce.

Understand Your Consumers

Changes can either yield positive or negative results. If done abruptly and without careful consideration, there is a big chance that you won’t get the results that you really aspire for. While empathy can definitely help you brainstorm for the possible changes you need to incorporate in your site, it is definitely not as helpful as taking a few steps closer to your consumers and understanding how they really feel. Remember that each of us has varying wants and needs, and yours may not be a reflection of your consumers’. As mentioned in this article by TopRankBlog:

“–to empathize with your customer and understand how they discover, consume and act on information. By doing so, you can create a practical digital marketing plan that optimizes for attraction, engagement and conversion.”

Getting to know your consumers means you need to spend time and resources. Nevertheless, no time can ever be wasted once you use it for positive changes and improvements. A lot of entrepreneurs and ‘experts’ in the field tend to fall in the pit hole of running tests and employing strategies that they are not 100% sure of. This is one mistake that you need to avoid because instead of upgrading your site, you are exposing it to more risks.

[Tweet “Running a quick and targeted 1-page survey will enable you to determine the weak and strong areas of your site”]

  • Run a Survey: There are so many survey tools out there that can help you fully understand your consumers. Using your survey form, ask the consumers why they chose your site. Also, ask them about their whole shopping experience and some recommendations that they think will help your site in providing better services. Now, do not forget to keep your survey short and concise. Most shoppers hate filling in long forms, so you might as well keep it brief.
  • Live Chat Interactions: While creating a survey may be enough to get you closer to your audience, no one can argue that live interaction can really help you get ahead in getting your consumer’s response. Keeping in touch with them during their visit to the site can help you fully understand the difficulties they face whenever they navigate through your pages.
  • Survey your Loyal Consumers: If you’ve been running your business for quite some time now, you can send a slightly longer survey through email. This will help you gain enlightenment about your site.

Conversion Optimization from the Heart

Optimize Your Home Page

  • Highlight Your Top-Selling Products: Your home page serves as a welcome to your consumers. To create a page that is more consumer-friendly, you can show the top selling products in your site by utilizing analytical tools. You can advertise these products by creating top and recommended lists through banner sliders.
  • Options: Since you are providing services to a wide range of consumers, you also need to provide them options when it comes to buying your products. Add options like ‘by mail’ or ‘by phone’ so that the consumers would feel more secure to buy your products.
  • Establish Credibility through Video Presentations: We are definitely living in a visual world, so you need to take full advantage of that. Through posting videos of the way your products were created, you can gain your consumers’ trust. In the like manner, do not present poor quality videos as this will not help you gain the credibility you need to persuade your consumers into buying your products. It may be costly to create a high quality video, but it is even more costly not to. Combine art and science into creating the video, and you will surely get a far better chance of catching attention.

When it comes to the virtual domain, it’s all about presentation. Create your own brand by eliminating flaws and highlighting your business’ strengths. If you want to find out more about this or if you want to hear the entire webinar, click here.

Originally published January 22, 2015 - Updated April 15, 2019
Dennis van der Heijden
Co-founder and CEO of, Dennis is a passionate community builder and out of the box thinker. He spends his time innovating to make Convert Experiences better. Learn about his journey as an entrepreneur and leader on the SaaS Club podcast.
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