Infographic: How Colors Affect Conversions

Infographic: How Colors Affect Conversions

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In this infographic, KISSmetrics shows us how different colors affect our conversions. Conversion, or converting a visitor of your website into a paying customer, is now being used by most websites in their marketing campaigns. There are many ways to convert your traffic, but one of the most efficient and effective ways is through visual marketing. In recent years, research in visual marketing has shown that colors (actually, different shades of colors) can affect a visitor’s decision. Knowing what colors will work, how they work, and why they work is important when designing your website for visual marketing.

Aside from showing us how colors affect our conversions, the infographic is also loaded with useful information, such as:

  • Visual Influence over Visitors
  • Product Assessment time
  • Case studies on Color Conversions
  • Applications for Color Schemes
  • Colors to target Men or Women

In each marketing campaign, each website owner should know their target market and what they want to convey to their visitors. In visual marketing, the exchange is done in just a few seconds, when each visitor views the colors and visuals of the website. This infographic shows how certain colors and certain shades can affect each visitor, how fast it can affect them, and how it affects their decisions. This, in turn, affects the conversions of the website.

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Originally published January 21, 2015 - Updated January 05, 2018


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  • 21 Jan, 2015
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