Infographic: How do Colors Affect Purchases

Infographic: How do Colors Affect Purchases

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The folks over at KISSmetrics have shared with us this great infographic on how colors can affect customer purchases. When it comes to digital marketing, images and graphics are one of the most important aspects. But marketers have also now discovered that, it is not just the content and quality of the pages, but also the colors. As shown in the infographic, there are colors that affect how and why people purchase their products/services online. Not only does color affect the type of customers, it also affects how that customer will behave, depending on the color of the product, the web page, and the words.

Aside from the statistics, the infographic also shows interesting information about color schemes and how it affects marketing, such as:

  • Importance of Visual Appearance
  • Color and Branding
  • Color and Consumer Types
  • Color Influence
  • Overall Design Impact

With the competition in online marketing getting steeper each year, it is no surprise that marketers are trying to learn more and more about how customers react to different aspects of your product and your website. One of the ways that they are doing this is through learning about visual appearance and the importance of its aspects, such as color.

Color Purchase

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Originally published December 30, 2014 - Updated September 28, 2018


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  • 30 Dec, 2014
  • Posted by Lemuel Galpo
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