The Three Conversion Measurements of Success

The Three Conversion Measurements of Success

CRO Alignment Strategies

Achieving a higher conversion rate is possible when your ad campaign is aligned to your landing page. On this webinar, Hafez Adel of, along with Convert Academy, discussed how you can work advertising and landing page alignment to your advantage. Your ads can create traffic, it can get clicked, but unless it shows in your conversion result, the effort is meaningless. If you are the business owner and the marketer of your website, and you want to bring in the money, your ads and your landing page should be operating on the same wavelength- sharing the same goals. Profit will not come in on an instant, but it will definitely come for those who know how to make a good welcome.

As discussed in the previous webinar, the ad campaign will sell the product and the landing page is the confirmation why the customer has made the decision to buy. Working for Retargeter, Hafez Adel learned that the landing page should complement every detail found in your ad campaigns. You should not give your customer the chance to doubt your product – be careful not to have loopholes because even while the customer is in the landing page, they can still change their minds, leave and not buy your offer. Having great conversion rates is essential, but what constitutes a good conversion rate? According to an article by Word Stream:

“…achieving 3%, 5% or even 10% conversion rates is high… You should be shooting for 10%, 20%, or even higher, putting your conversion rates 3x to 5x higher than the average conversion rate”

Measuring The Success Of Your Alignment Strategies

Maximize your returns – make every click count and reduce your cost per acquisition through powerful alignment strategies for your ad campaigns and advertising landing pages. There are three ways to measure if your alignment effort is working: bounce rate, quality score and conversion rate.

  • Bounce rate – Having a very high bounce rate translates to user expectations not being fulfilled. The potential customer left the landing page and decided not to move on with the purchase simply because their expectations were not met. Your reason for selling is no longer aligned to their reason for buying. Therefore, they quit. Check your bounce rate and make sure that it is at its lowest all of the time.
  • Quality Score – Quality Score is a proprietary metric by Google. What it does is measure how your ads and landing page are aligned in terms of keywords. An insurance company selling portable or auto insurance in the advertisement needs to have the keywords for such item in their landing page. A low quality score increases the pause per click and this makes your cost per acquisition higher, thus hurting your ROI.
  • Conversion Rate – The most valuable and reliable way to measure the success of your alignment effort is by checking your conversion rate. Compare the number of conversions you are getting versus the number of visits you are receiving.

CRO Alignment Strategies

Hiring companies like Retargeter can also help increase the efficiency of your ads and landing page. Looking at every possible option to increase your sale is a good thing even if it means that you have to spend money. Remember, investment is the first step and where all the revenue will come from.

The Bottom Line

[Pay attention to your conversion rate; look at your cost per acquisition and make sure that it is aligned with the overall business rule.] Advertising and landing page should not be treated as separate entities. They are different in terms of definition but if you will analyze and look more closely – their purpose is interconnected. If you want to learn more about this or if you want to check out the entire webinar, click here.

Originally published January 15, 2015 - Updated April 15, 2019
Dennis van der Heijden
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