User Friendly Websites

User Friendly Websites

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Converting people to your website can be a little tricky. You may have tried a lot of things, and had no success. In the recent webinar, a few things were discussed on what you can try that will help you understand how your customers’ minds work and how you can attract them to your website.

The Devil is in the Details

The products that you are selling to your customers can be utilitarian or emotional for them. For example, if you are selling a smartphone or a laptop, they want to know the details, the software, the memory, and so on. If the product that you are selling does not meet the requirements, then it is not really important for the customer how much it costs. These are utilitarian products. On the other hand, if you are selling a luxury item, like an automobile, that may be the car your customer wanted to have since he/she was really young. Now they have the funds to buy that particular car that you are selling. These products are so called emotional. You have to know what type of products you are offering and how to approach your website visitors.

Tips and Tricks

Different Sale BadgesThere are a few tips and tricks how to “make” visitors buy your products. The first thing you need to do is to ask questions, and at the same time, answer them. By doing that, you will clarify a lot of things that the customers want to know. You will even tell them something that they didn’t know, you will show them that your company is different, better, you will decrease the anxiety that shows before spending a lot of money, and you can even gain and increase their trust.

Another thing you can do is tell a story, by telling a story, you look “more human”, the customers will feel closer to you and with that you are becoming more than just a website that sells products. Make a conversation. Even though this might look like something difficult to do online, it is pretty simple. For example, if you want your visitors to subscribe to the newsletters, give them more information. You can state how many times per week they are going to get the newsletters, what they usually contain, what they get for free if you do that and so on. In this way you will create a conversation in your customer’s heads. Make your website clean and simple, that way you can help your visitors understand what you are offering. Too much information can confuse them, make the questions, stories, and conversations short and simple.

Creating Motivation

Motivate your customers, use the product you are selling to offer them a solution for their problems. For example, if you are selling an anti-acne product, tell a story and tell your visitors that with your product they will get their high school crush. You can also add another tip, even a sample of your product if they sign up for the newsletters. Remember, the higher the price of the product is, the longer the conversation has to be.

Pay attention to the keywords that will attract visitors to your website. Imagine a situation where your customers are seeing your product for the first time. What will attract them? Be unique, find a way your website to be one of a kind. Whatever you are selling, the chances are, there is much more famous product than yours on the market. By being different and new, you will attract more customers that will choose you. To check our the entire webinar, click here.

Originally published July 21, 2014 - Updated August 06, 2014
Dennis van der Heijden
Co-founder and CEO of, Dennis is a passionate community builder and out of the box thinker. He spends his time innovating to make Convert Experiences better. Learn about his journey as an entrepreneur and leader on the SaaS Club podcast.
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