A/B Testing: Important Areas to Run A/B Tests On

A/B Testing: Important Areas to Run A/B Tests On

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As more people get more and more engaged in the virtual domain, the need to create strategies that really work is becoming more prominent. Clearly, you can imagine how difficult it is for new entrepreneurs to creep their way to the top and remain on top. The truth is, even experts in the field may find it difficult to succeed in this field. This is especially true if you are the type that is guided purely by instinct. A lot of webpages fail because some entrepreneurs neglect the importance of making wise and well-informed decisions. In Josh Krafchin’s webinar he talks about how A/B testing can affect the business of a conversion optimization agency.

Krafchin’s experience with his own company provides a unique perspective of the business. If you feel that your page needs redirection, then you have certainly clicked the right link. A/B testing can help your page go further. Instead of focusing on SEO alone, it’s time that you explore on different areas of your page that might be slowing down your progress.

What is A/B Testing?

A/B testing is one way for you to ensure that your visitors would do anything that you want them to do. Whether you want them to become a subscriber or to buy your products, name it and A/B testing will help you reach your goals. One look and you’d surely have a picture of what A/B testing is all about. In essence, running A/B tests would help you create the necessary adjustments in your conversion optimization agency and see to it that the visitors are getting everything that they want to from your page.

A/B testing software” href=”https://www.convert.com”>A/B testing lets you assess the feasibility of two versions—the first version being element A, the other version, element B. Through running A/B tests, you will be able to determine which version is better applied to your webpage. This lets you know the modifications that are better suited to your consumers’ needs, making them do precisely what you want them to do.

Where to Run A/B Tests

A/B testing can be used in the different areas in your webpage. The most common elements where you can run A/B tests are your CTA, images, headlines and hyperlinks.

Important Areas for A/B testing

  • A/B Tests on Call to Action Buttons

    Your CTA contributes a lot in making your page profitable. Once we say CTA, this is the part where you convince your audience to get more engaged in your page by either subscribing or buying your products. Some of the things that can make a huge difference are the color, font, copy, shape and placement of your CTA.

    For instance, you may run tests on the color of the buttons. Even though this may be surprising, the color of your buttons can dramatically change the number of persons who click your CTA. Some people may prefer a green CTA button, but after running an A/B test, they found out that red buttons can increase sales by 1/5. This is definitely a large fraction that should never be neglected by entrepreneurs.

    A/B tests can be used on several elements of conversion optimization. Aside from customer information, testing can also reveal several aspects of the business. Which is why there testing can be used in several aspects of conversion optimization including:

  • A/B Tests on Images

We are living in a very visual world, and any webpage would simply not survive without the help of images. If your images are not that effective, it could definitely distract your audience rather than engage them. Now, once we say images, we are not only talking about the images of the products, but the pictures you’d use on the homepage as well. To figure out which image best works for you, you can use A/B testing as a vital tool. Through running a series of tests, you can identify the best image that could make your business grow and prosper.

  • A/B Tests on Headlines

Basically, your headlines are the face center of your page. This is the first thing a person literally sees once he/she clicks your link, and this is more than enough reason for you to run A/B tests on it. In testing headlines, you may change the length of the text, its placement, and the font style and color. After A/B testing, you would know which version is more engaging to the audience.

  • A/B Test on Hyperlinks

No two successes are alike. If you want to succeed, you have to really build your own road, and one important building block that could help you pave the way to brighter future is your hyperlinks. Running A/B tests on it would make you clearly define where your audience is most engaged at. This is the part where you brainstorm words and phrases that could invite more clicks from the audience. After the brainstorming part, run an A/B test and see which version works best.

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Just remember, patience is the key to success. Always finish running A/B tests through the end and never make early conclusions because you’d never really know the actual results until the test concludes. If you want to learn more about A/B testing, you can check out Krafchin’s entire webinar here.

Originally published October 02, 2014 - Updated April 15, 2019
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