Agency Dashboard Improvements

Agency Dashboard Improvements

Always be up to Date subscribe to updates - May 7, 2015

We made two improvements on everyone’s dashboard. The improvements will provide users with more insights on  several projects, if they have many of them.

  • A new filter (top right) that filters: active and inactive projects, and one filter for shared and own projects. This filter allows you to clean up the dashboard if you have many projects at the same time.
  • Two new columns to see the number of active tests in each project, as well as a column for the number of tested users used by this account, and the percentage of your total months’ quota.

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These two improvements will allow our intensive users to manage more accounts and give insights needed for agency management and billing. We hope you enjoy both additions to the dashboard and want to thank Kelcey for the suggestion for this feature.

Originally published May 07, 2015 - Updated February 25, 2016


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  • 7 May, 2015
  • Posted by Dennis van der Heijden
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Written by Dennis van der Heijden

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