Are Your Marketing and Web Design Priorities Out of Whack?

Are Your Marketing and Web Design Priorities Out of Whack?

Are your marketing and design priorities out of whack? Customer engagement is hard enough, but customer retention is even more difficult. Customers engagement is getting the attention of your customer, while customer retention is keeping your customer’s attention and getting them to stay longer. This is where a good website design comes in. It’s important to design your website in order to improve user satisfaction and thereby maximize customer retention.

In a recent podcast hosted by Creative Thirst, CEO Bobby Hewitt highlighted the essential concerns in web design that can help your marketing strategy. Web design usually focuses on how the website looks, and not on its functionality and user friendly aspects. To further improve your conversion rate and revenue, these factors should always be considered in your design decisions:

  • Who are involved when making a website design decision?
  • What are you trying to accomplish with your website?
  • How can you use your website to achieve your organizational objectives?
  • How can your site increase sales, generate leads, reduce support costs, or increase the loyalty of your customers?

Marketing and Web Design Priorities

According to Rebecca Churt’s article – Before & After: How to Fix 3 Egregious Website Design Errors,

A poor site structure is a recipe for a disappointing user experience. It will inevitably leave a website visitor frustrated, which will result in them leaving your site. Usually poor structure/site architecture results from unclear direction or vision. That translates into a cobbled together site where the flow from page to page is not intuitive, especially as you try to navigate from the home page or the site’s main navigation.

Website Design Decisions

Based on Stanford credibility research, 75% of users admit to making judgments about a company’s credibility based on their website’s design. Website design is a serious matter, and the only people that should be directing website design decisions are not the people from your committee, but the customers of your website. This is where feedback and a/b testing is important for your marketing campaign.

The customer should be the foremost priority. All website design should be done in consideration to your customers, their particular needs, and carefully tested and optimized for them simply, because they are the ones that are going to buy your products and not the large committee or members coming from each product division in your organization. If this describes your company, then you’re in serious trouble.

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Making an Effective Marketing and Website Design

Website marketing and design involves a lot of factors. Before making another marketing and website design decision, make sure to take these relevant questions into account: (1) What does the company need to accomplish? Not from a sales perspective but from a business perspective. (2) What really drives revenue in the business? It is important to know your main source of revenue. Aside from these questions, here are some helpful advice to make an effective marketing and web design decisions;

  • Don’t jump into your design right away. You need to understand first what goals you are looking to accomplish with your website
  • Understand how your customers think, what their motivations are, what their fears are, and what friction is created when they interact with your website.
  • Website evolution comes from your customers. Understanding of the measurement and what your customers are doing on your site should be the driving factor in how design is implemented, changed and improved.

Making a website marketing and design decision is a continuous process from the time you’ve started to the moment you stop. You might fail to achieve your initial plan but there will always be several practical solutions that you can try until you will become successful. For more informative tips and advice, visit us at Convert.

Originally published April 09, 2015 - Updated April 15, 2019
Dennis van der Heijden
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