Empowering Marketing with Web Design and Analytics

Empowering Marketing with Web Design and Analytics

Design has a tremendous impact on marketing results. It can make the difference between achieving your business goals and often passing them where driving your customer from as far away from your objective as possible. Design is not just about what your website looks like or the themes that you apply. It is not only about the style but the substance and the usability of your website.

Bobby Hewitt, our conversion rate expert from Creative Thirst, puts into the light the importance of a good web design and analytics in empowering marketing. Marketing is not just about getting your service or product out there. It is about knowing your customers, what they want, what they need and what they expect. It is a very competitive market, especially online.

Web Design and Analytics

Why Design Is Necessary

Design is so much more than a look. Design is a form of communication between the business owner and the customer. It is the key element of building a successful marketing strategy and it essentially improves your business. You know the phrase ‘’Never judge a book by its cover’’, right? But we always judge the book by its appearance. Having a well-designed webpage for your business will help you attract more visitors and probably further customers. If you have the ability to build a good design strategy, than you will empower your own marketing campaigns.

How people perceive your business by visiting your webpage is very important. Make sure you deliver your marketing message through it. When a potential customer visits your website he will notice these elements:

  • The visual look
  • The usability
  • The design

Design is probably the most important element of all the others. It has a huge impact on customer’s perception and judgment. This is why it is very important to test your design first and see how people react. When it comes to testing design, it is not just about A and B, there are usually three, four, and even more options when it comes to your website design.

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Testing Your Design

We explained previously why it is so important to do design testing. First of all, you need to know that design testing is not the same as testing the usability. This is a process of measuring how your customers react and connect to your brand. The results can be very impressive if your website has a good design. But it the end, it is all a matter of taste. What I don’t like, you may like, what I think looks cool, you may find tacky. Most of the time, designers don’t really know which the most appropriate design for a certain website.

Web Analytics’ Impact in Marketing

Design measuring and web analytics goals are very positive for the business. Consider combining design testing and data observation of how your visitors behave, and you can achieve the best results. These are some small improvements that can have a huge impact on your marketing strategy and help you improve your overall business goals. According to Paul Boag’s article,

It would be wrong to have a series on design methodology without looking at the subject of testing design. One of the fundamental principles behind Headscape’s design approach is to design with data.

We advise to focus on your customer’s wishes instead of relying on what the designer thinks it’s the best. Your visitors should be your number one priority if you want your business to improve. Do proper testing and you will know how to make the right decision. Use the right combination and you will know the right way to move forward. For more information about this, you can visit us over at Convert.

Originally published April 01, 2015 - Updated April 15, 2019
Dennis van der Heijden
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