Infographic: 6 Facts that Prove that you Need to Start A/B Testing Right Now!

Infographic: 6 Facts that Prove that you Need to Start A/B Testing Right Now!

Lemuel Galpo
Written by Lemuel Galpo
April 8, 2015

The folks over at Marketizator have given us this infographic on the 6 facts that prove that you immediately need to start A/B Testing. A/B testing is one of the most used and most effective marketing tools. It is basically testing one option against another and seeing which one is better, in order to improve the conversion in your website. Sounds little simple? It may seem so, but it has proven itself to be effective, and it has produced positive results, especially in the online business market. If you still have your doubts, this infographic shares these facts that will prove the point.

Aside from the 6 facts, the infographic also features informative insights that marketers can use, such as:

  • How A/B testing can be cheaper
  • Testing vs Knowing
  • A/B Testing allows you to measure
  • A/B Testing worldwide trends
  • A/B Testing in the online business market
  • How A/B Testing is easy to use

When building your website, you have to make sure that you never stop improving. People, products, and tastes all change and evolve over time. And you can never be too sure about what is right, what is wrong, and what fits. One of the best ways that you can determine all this is though A/B testing. Among the best things about A/B testing is that it allows marketers to make mistakes before launching it on your website. This allows you to filter the good ideas from the bad ideas. It also allows you to explore other options without risking anything.

6 Facts AB Testing

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Originally published April 08, 2015 - Updated April 07, 2015
Lemuel Galpo
As Customer Content Manager, Lem is responsible for bringing learnings in conversion optimization and testing to the world. He is part of's growth team and coordinates all writers, editors and illustrators.
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