Convert Now The World’s Fastest & Most Affordable A/B Testing Tool

Convert Now The World’s Fastest & Most Affordable A/B Testing Tool


On May 18th., ConversionXL published a new study on the speed of A/B testing tools and the impact they have on the conversion rate of clients. The correlation was obvious, the slower your A/B testing software, the more you hurt your conversion rate.

By installing an A/B testing tool that does not prioritize about your conversion rate, you can easily lose 51% of your conversions on every page you test. Painful! But you are safe with Convert since we are the fastest affordable A/B testing solution in the world.

The study done by OrangeValley showed a week or data point from the world’s eight most popular A/B testing tools. In the segment of enterprise tools with a monthly cost of up to $3000 USD, we can see how the following tools performed when put to the test on a website that loads in 1.81 seconds.

convert a/b testing

What we are seeing is that Convert loads as fast as a 1.81 second page and when compared to VWO, which loads at 4.29 seconds, according to this study you would lose 51% of versions during your test period. Load times for Marketizator (11%) and A/B Tasty (48%) respectively, would also be slower and with a noticeable impact on conversion rates.

Conversion and a/b testing at convert

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When comparing all eight tools on a page loading at 1.81 seconds the top 3 is lead by Convert Experiments, with SiteSpect and Maxymiser, while these are the best priced in the world. None of these three a/b testing tools hurt conversion rates on pages that load in 1.81 seconds.

Comparison of a/b testing tools with convert

Below is the list of the eight tools tested in the study:

convert top ab testing tool

The top five tools: SiteSpect, Maxymiser, Optimizely, and Optimost are priced from $30,000 USD (and with yearly contracts only) while Convert offers 300,000 unique tested visitors for $399 USD/month making it the least expensive enterprise A/B testing solution on this list. We are proud to offer the fastest and most affordable A/B testing tool in the world.

Will you give Convert Experiments a try with the fastest speed where prices are more affordable? Get started with your Convert free 15-day trial.

Originally published May 19, 2016 - Updated April 15, 2019
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