Google Adwords New Feature Just Cost You 10% of Your Conversions

Google Adwords New Feature Just Cost You 10% of Your Conversions

Google Adwords Conversion Rate Loss

We love SpyFu’s tools and Mike sure loves his data. Last week he published a post “Losing Exact Match is Sad, but Losing Phrase Match is What Will Torpedo Your Profits” that focuses on two major changes in Adwords that according to Mike’s conclusion just make Google get 23% more revenue. But the sad news is that this is costing you 10% of your conversion rates. Here is what he came up with and we do have a solution for you…

Put another way, if your 100k is a fixed budget, but it’s driving on site conversion – let’s say it is driving 1,000 conversions currently. Guess what? If you’re using Phrase Match, that same $100k will get you about 95 fewer conversions – or 905 total. My heart is racing as I write this. I feel myself getting angry. I don’t know about you, but 10% of my conversions = 10% of my revenue, and dealing with a 10% loss of revenue is not what I need now or ever.   Especially not when it’s from a “partner” I pay $100k per month to give a flying Firetruck what I think.

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Michael Robert (aka Mike or MrSpy), CEO of Spyfu is upset since he came to the same conclusion as I did. This is costing 10% of your conversions. Boy isn’t this the perfect time to wake up and shift some budget to conversion optimization (hint hint… A/B testing software” href=””>A/B testing software … maybe?)

Read the full article on SpyFu, here and be amazed with the long detailed analysis. A must read for every marketer and agency investing in Adwords.

Originally published August 20, 2014 - Updated August 21, 2014
Dennis van der Heijden
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