Google Analytics Integration with Call Tracking

Google Analytics Integration with Call Tracking

Call Tracking

For the past few articles, we discussed call tracking and ways to optimize conversion rates using call tracking. By this time, you’ve read about three ways already and these are dynamic number insertion, web conversion optimization and landing page optimization. Today, we will be talking about the fourth way to optimize your conversion rates via call tracking.

Integration of Call Tracking and Google Analytics

In continuation of the webinar, McKay Allen discussed the integration of Google Analytics in their system calls ranking. This meant that they would be able to access Google Analytics and view most of thedata they gathered from their calls. Integrating Google Analytics is useful for a couple of reasons. There are SMB’s and enterprise level companies who use this method and it has helped them in a number of ways.

Google Analytics IntegrationFirst, it will basically show up as another source and channel. In the webinar, McKay showed an example of how they used it in their system. Using Google Analytics, in any given day, dynamic number insertion from Google was ranked as the 23rd highest referring source. It also showed that they generated 44 phone calls from it and those calls had an average of 6 minutes and 33 seconds and had a 90.91% conversion rate. This means they only had a bounce rate of 9% and those calls lasted less than a minute. This shows that a huge amount of data can be seen and used within Google Analytics. And because of how they code and set it up, they will know if it is a phone call and they will also see it in their channel path.

If you are familiar with Google Analytics, you can go into multi-channel conversion path under conversions and you can track the most common conversion path. Now you can put phone calls into that mix and track how people call you, from where, how often, from what time and much, much more. All of this data will help you get a fuller picture of your lead site. You will know when to market call to actions that have a phone call to your leads. You can also get a fuller sense of whether or not you have more data, and that is really what this is all about. Gathering data is one of the important aspects of website marketing.

Setting up your Analytics

McKay Allen also showed how to set it up in their website, LogMyCalls. In the setup area, you go to advance and down to Google Analytics. You then enter in your Google Analytics property ID and  create a short domain that will ping Google Analytics every time a phone call comes in. The Setup only takes about 5 minutes and you will be able to see data from calls show up in Google Analytics. It’s very useful information to have in Google Analytics. This also helps your conversion rate substantially, especially if you marry it with your conversion channel paths. If you want to learn more about Analytics or LogMyCalls, click here to view the complete webinar.

Originally published August 29, 2014 - Updated August 25, 2014
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