Improved Google Analytics Integration

Improved Google Analytics Integration

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This week we launched an improved integration for Google Analytics. Besides the automated revenue tracker and goal import we had the integration to send data back to your Google Analytics (GA) account through dimensions and slots. Based on a suggestions from users we now added a visual help in the drop-down for dimensions and slots to see ones in other active or recently paused experiments.

Experiment Slots

We monitor all active and recently paused experiments (within the past 7 days) to give you the slots unused. You would still need to check your GA account for slots or dimensions that other tools might be using, but this is a step in the right direction to help you avoid using the same spot twice.

This new feature will benefit you by:

  • Avoiding selecting occupied slots / dimensions in Google Analytics
  • Have clean data in GA slots / dimensions
  • Saving you time checking other experiments

Originally published March 09, 2015 - Updated February 25, 2016


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  • 9 Mar, 2015
  • Posted by Dennis van der Heijden
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