New Pricing & Infinite Enterprise Plans

New Pricing & Infinite Enterprise Plans


We simplified our pricing structure taking some plans out and lowering prices on others. Please feel free to see if the new pricing plans make sense for you, on the pricing page. In addition we also introduced a new Infinite Enterprise plan where we offer 20 million unique visitors a month at an attractive rate. Other things we changed are:

Enterprise Plan

  • Yearly plan with monthly consultancy calls included (see it here)
  • Yearly plans with 10% discount and 50% more unique visitors (see it here)
  • 5 minutes video reviews for your clients  (see it here)
  • Yearly plans with yearly bulk visitors (counting by year not by month) great for the seasonal businesses
  • Our Infinite Enterprise plan with year prepaid for 360 million unique visitors for the big boys (see it here).

Switching plans is easy and can be done right now. Billing will be pro-rata so no need to wait till the end of the billing period. We removed the $9 plan since there was little interest in it and replaced all small business plans with a simple scaleable self-service plan (with only forum support)

Originally published March 09, 2015 - Updated August 07, 2019
Dennis van der Heijden
Co-founder and CEO of passionate in building communities that care. Trying to make that happen inside and outside Convert. I love working with my team to make our A/B testing software better for agencies and e-commerce clients.
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