How to Successfully Set Up A/B Testing with a New Client

How to Successfully Set Up A/B Testing with a New Client

Fabiola Martinez
June 20, 2015

When you are setting up A/B testing for your client, you want to be successful on your very first try. You don’t want to lose billable hours and premiums just to reconfigure the A/B testing setup. This takes away precious time that you and your client could otherwise be spending on other aspects of your marketing. Getting it right the first time makes it easier for you and your client, so you have to know what you are doing with each set up initially.

On this webinar, we’ll focus on the agencies that set up A/B testing for new clients, and how they can successfully set up testing as quickly as possible. These aspects are invaluable for every A/B testing agency that spend a lot of their time setting up clients and that need to use billable hours going back to reconfigure their tools.

This is especially important for agencies with high profile clientele. Each hour that you miss counts and every interaction with the client and their IT department could cause serious delays in their project and may cause differences in your billable hours and your invoice.

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So you have to make sure you get it right the first time. But how do you do this? Well, Dennis van der Heijden, CEO at Convert will show you how to:

  • Communicate with clients about the expectations of their first winning experiment, if it’s too high, they may get disappointed with their results.
  • Communicate with the client’s IT departments about site speed reduction, fall-over plans, and internet security.
  • Send to the right contact of your client, a clear document with all the steps to follow and things to install.
  • Explain the mapping between client templates and your A/B testing tool to prevent retagging in the future.
  • Verify you project and experiment setup using checklists and Chrome plugins. This makes it easier to check after it is setup.


This webinar will help you even of you use other A/B testing tools like: Adobe Test, Sitespect, Monetate, Optimizely and Visual Website Optimizer.

If you have experienced delays in your A/B testing project, or had to delay your invoice to the client due to things that could have been prevented, then you should take time to attend to this webinar. If you want to join us live, make sure you register here. We’ll send a recording version to all the registrants.

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Originally published June 20, 2015 - Updated October 12, 2015
Fabiola Martinez
As Digital Marketing Lead of, Fabiola is responsible for increasing brand awareness, community growth and lead generation. Always trying to improve things as a team member and as a human being.
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