Infographic: 20 Minutes or Less SEO Audit Checklist

Infographic: 20 Minutes or Less SEO Audit Checklist

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The people over at InMotion Hosting have released this great infographic of a 20-min or less checklist for SEO auditing. Less than a decade ago, SEO or Search Engine Optimization was the one of the newest and most innovative techniques in the online business marketing. Nowadays, not only is every website owner is familiar with the term, they have expanded into other newer marketing techniques such as conversion optimization and conversion rate efficiency. But each website owner should still be vigilant in making sure that they are using their SEO processes correctly.

Aside from providing website owners with a very useful checklist, the infographic also provides useful information about SEO including:

  • Website Readability
  • Web Browser SEO
  • Homepage SEO
  • Global Navigation
  • Off-Page SEO

Search Engine Optimization has faded into the background of website marketing techniques, but it is still one of the pillars of a good online marketing campaign. Not only are users still using search engines to find what they are looking for, they now have 24-access to the internet, making Search Engines one of the most used pages by users today.

SEO Checklist

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Originally published December 08, 2014 - Updated December 05, 2014


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  • 8 Dec, 2014
  • Posted by Lemuel Galpo
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