Tips for Website Speed Optimization

Tips for Website Speed Optimization

Speed Optimization

Becoming a virtual entrepreneur is not as easy as it sounds. Yes, you can make sure that your site is well-constructed, but the problem is, others do that as well. And this easy access is the primary reason why there is a rising number of webpages on a daily basis. Therefore, millions of Internet users are given a wide range of options to choose from, and once your site fails to deliver the navigating experience that they want and need, they can easily look for another site. This may be a hard fact to accept, but the earlier this sinks in, the sooner you’d be able to develop your page to what it really NEEDS to be.

In her latest webinar, Theresa Baiocco of ConversionMax, discusses how web design and content are not the only factors that website owners need to look deeply into. If you are aiming for success and longevity, you better take a look at the functionality and usability of your webpage. With all of these combined, you can definitely gain success with your online business.

Website Optimization

If there is one thing that a lot of web masters tend to overlook, it’s the integral role web speed optimization plays in the success of a webpage. Even though it may be tedious and painstaking to actually optimize annually, this is your one way ticket to reaching your own big pot of gold. Through this, you’d be able to attract more traffic into your site and possibly turn those visits into profits. As mentioned in the link

“When you (or your team) comes to building a website, think about where you can avoid using images for effects and instead use CSS. Just a few example are gradients, buttons, rounded corners and many more. All of which can be achieved using CSS.” – Ed Baxter

In fact, speeding up your webpage can help you rank highly on SEO. This is especially true since Google affirms that speed is also a factor that can affect a webpage’s SEO ranking. The fastest, content-rich, and updated webpages are always the ones that appear at the top part of the golden Google sheet. Now, if you are not an expert in website optimization, below are simple tips and tricks that could help you speed up your page:

  • Eliminate Redirects

If you can fully avoid redirects, this would help you fully optimize your page’s loading speed. However, there are some redirects that are necessities in the webpage especially when you need to guide your users to a new page. If so, remember to minimize redirects because it corresponds to an extra HTTP. In addition to that, check your site for broken links and make sure to address these problems immediately.

  • Avoid Multiple Tracking Software

Any entrepreneur knows that it is wiser to keep tabs running when tracking traffic. However, keeping multiple tracking software running would really slow down your page’s loading time. If you have to run tracking, run them one at a time to minimize the slowing down of your website’s loading time.

  • Minimize HTTP Requests

Uploading images is essential for attracting traffic in your page. If you would notice, a lot of webpages are already using images to keep users interested. But while this may pose advantages to your site, neglecting optimization can really slow down your page. [To gain full advantage from the photos you use without sacrificing your site’s speed, it is best that you use Sprite tools that fully optimize your images.] Adapt the standard formats such as JPG, GIF and PNG. This will help you create a visually pleasing site without feeling the need to forego speed.

  • Know When to Use Plugins

Social share plugins may be advantageous to your site, but remember that not all plugins are necessities in your page. Eliminate some of the plugins to make your page faster and more user-friendly. It is also important to know when plugins are essential and when you can simply use a linked image.

Website Speed Optimization

Website optimization is one of the keys in achieving virtual success. Don’t forget to update your site to make sure that all aspects are fully optimized. If you want to find out more about optimization or Theresa Baiocco, you can visit Convert or you can view the entire webinar here.

Originally published December 05, 2014 - Updated April 15, 2019
Dennis van der Heijden
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