[Infographic] The Digital Marketing Funnel

[Infographic] The Digital Marketing Funnel

Lemuel Galpo
Written by Lemuel Galpo
April 20, 2015

The folks over at Digital Hill have provided us with this great infographic about the digital marketing funnel, or specifically, the 6 steps on how to use funnels to grow leads and sales through strategic social and online marketing. The funnel, also known in marketing as the Purchase Funnel, describes the path that customers go through towards the purchase of a product or service. The funnel is made up of several steps or parts that get small as the customer gets closer to the purchase. This infographic shows us how to successfully implement a funnel to increase the leads and sales of your website.

Aside from showing us the steps, there are several insights and information that can be useful, including:

  • How to attract customers to enter the funnel
  • How many steps there are in a successful funnel
  • The most important step in a funnel (engaging the customer)
  • How to open the funnel
  • How to close the funnel

There are several marketing techniques that can be used in online marketing. Among the most effective of these includes funnel marketing. But it is not simply placing the funnel in your marketing campaign. It is also about creating a funnel that will successfully bring your customers closer to purchasing your product or service. The last step on the funnel of the infographic has to do with measuring the results of the funnel. This actually leads to funnel analytics, which in turn, leads to and helps with conversion optimization.



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Originally published April 20, 2015 - Updated April 18, 2015
Lemuel Galpo
As Customer Content Manager, Lem is responsible for bringing learnings in conversion optimization and testing to the world. He is part of Convert.com's growth team and coordinates all writers, editors and illustrators.
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