Managing The Landing Page Creation Process

Managing The Landing Page Creation Process

Dennis van der Heijden
November 19, 2014
CLosed Loop Marketing Landing Page Goals

On this Convert webinar, Closed Loop Marketing‘s Lance Loveday talks about the challenges of helping a business manage their landing page. There is such a thing as a “template” in creating a landing page, but that template is not always universal. It changes depending on who is selling, and what are the items for sale. Business owners may know what they want in terms of their product and target market, and with this knowledge they want their landing page to be created. They would say “Can you add this element?” or “Can you co-brand it?” without realizing that instead of making the landing page as a whole, they are actually breaking it into pieces.

Too much information in one page with too many elements is not how things are going to work. It is not going to give you the conversion you need for maximum efficiency. So when the clients are going in different directions, according to Lance, it is better to offer something that is worth doing.

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The Landing Page Creation Challenge

A landing page is not created to become perfect in an instant – there is always a room for improvement, and there are always opportunities to make it better. There are challenges involved in the creation of a landing page – capturing the customer’s interest, maximizing the space, and pushing the sales and ROI. You need to have a market, sell them what you have in one page, make them want to buy you, and bring some income to the company.

Goals in Creating a Landing Page

Now will a landing page be able to survive all these? It is good to know that there are people who understand this business and their expertise in the field can help you surpass the challenge, and give you some really good returns. When creating your Landing Pages, you should always have these goals in mind:

CLosed Loop Marketing Landing Page Goals

  • Capturing the customer’s interest – when you look at the landing page, you are not seeing the product but just the words and the pictures. These are the eye-catcher. One rule to manage a successful landing page is to make sure that the customer will be able to grasp something out of your pictures and words. Your font style, color, pictures and word choice are like pieces of a puzzle that will make sense after they have been brought together.
  • Maximizing your space – you only have one page and you better make the most of it. You can’t talk to the customer to make them come back and take a second look so when they leave your page. Once they leave, you have to assume that they are gone for good. Use only the elements that will matter and will make the customer to stay in your page that first time.
  • Pushing the sales – push the sale from your landing page, but you need to keep your distance so your customers will not be able to feel your presence. Just remember to have that perfect spot in your landing page where the customer can click “BUY” when they decide that it is time for the purchase to happen.
  • ROI – Any and all landing pages are created based on the rate of this one premise – Earnings. Return of investment does not happen overnight. It takes months, and sometimes even years, so you better make sure that your landing page will be able to produce you calculated ROI. If not, then you need to conduct some testing and determine the areas where improvement can be introduced.

Furthermore, one of the main keys when creating a landing page is simplicity. KISSmetric’s articleWant Conversions? Start with User-Friendly, Useful Landing Pages stated that,

The key to conversions actually is deceptively simple – be usable and useful. Most optimizers fail to realize this, or they allow mind-numbing tactics to distract them

A company can have as many as 300 landing pages. You might what to consider that when is one aspect better when it comes to creating, updating and maintaining your landing page. If you want to learn more about landing page and landing page testing, you can view the entire webinar here.

Originally published November 19, 2014 - Updated April 15, 2019
Dennis van der Heijden
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