Optimizing Landing Page Conversions

Optimizing Landing Page Conversions

Optimize for Landing Page Conversions

In this article, we will be talking about methods for landing page conversions. In McKay Alan’s webinar, the third method for optimizing conversions via call tracking was discussed. How can call tracking help you improve the conversion rates on your landing page? Landing pages are pages where you do most of your marketing. It is where customers can download your white papers, eBooks, webinars, case studies and all sorts of useful tools and information. This is also where you get most of your form filled conversion rates.

Landing Page Options

Now imagine if you put a phone number on your landing page. As discussed in the previous call tracking articles, our best and most quick to buy customers and leads are those people who don’t fill out the forms but actually those who calls the phone number on that page. You can give them an additional option by adding a phone number on your landing page. People might say that you shouldn’t give customers an option on a landing page. It’s agreeable to a point that you shouldn’t give them a low quality option. Phone calls should be the most valuable option on your landing page that you can give your customers.

Case Study on Form Fill outs and Phone Call Conversions

To prove that adding a phone number on your landing page does indeed improve conversion rates, McKay Allen shared a case study for their website which was done by a conversion expert, named Brian Massey, who has spoken at several conversion conferences.

Hoovers A/B TestIn this case study, LogMyCalls ran three different campaigns with each campaign showing the importance of having a phone number on their landing page. Note that they already have a 30-40% conversion rate on form fill outs alone. And this conversion rates are actually good.

On their first campaign, form fill outs converted about 42%, and 11% of those people requested for demos. Comparing it to phone calls from their landing page, which had about a dozen calls and 62% of those people requested demos. From this campaign we can make an educated guess that LogMyCalls received more revenue from phone calls than they did from form fill outs. You can say that customers give this phones calls more value.

In the second campaign, their forms converted 40.1%, again good. 13% of those requested for demos, which is very good. They also received dozens of phone calls and of those phone calls, 54% phone calls requested demos. Same thing with the third campaign. With their form slightly improved, their conversion rate went up to 47% but only 3% of those requested demos whilst 78% of the calls they received requested demos from this 3rd campaign.

The Complete Picture of Conversion Rate

Different traffic channels measuring conversionsNow you can see that if you just have a form conversion rate, you’re not getting the whole picture about how useful the landing page is. If you’re just capturing form conversion rate or any traditional conversion rate on your website or your landing page, you’re going to be missing a large amount of data that could turn out to be where the majority of your revenue will be. So the more data you can get, the better it is. Then you can actually provide a full data for your page and the better you can re-evaluate your present and succeeding campaigns. Even though the total number of calls you get may be lower, your revenue and demos may be higher because of your phone calls. And by putting phone numbers on your landing page, the more it will help you optimize your marketing spin. To learn more, you can check out the entire webinar here.

Dennis van der Heijden
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